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Qanda Apk helps you solve tricky maths questions easily.

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If you cannot solve tough maths questions and have no tutor to explain them, you can rely on Qanda App. Here you can also connect with other students around the work and help them by solving their questions too. Qanda Apk is math problems solving app which also provide 1-on-1 Q&A session. This app answers all maths questions no matter which grade you belong to.

Qanda Apk

To start with Qanda App, you have to create an account with Email or Facebook. Then select which grade you belong to. You can also choose another grade that doesn’t matter, but the chances of getting an accurate solution are increased once you choose your accurate grade. You can also find many other questions and solve them to help others which will help you get points and increase your global ranking.

Qanda Apk

Besides solving maths problems, you can also make your own community or join a student group in this app. You can set the time and study together with other students, which will help you increase your motivation and focus towards your studies. This app is completely free of cost with zero ads, specially made to help maths students around the world.

Key Features of Qanda Apk:

Qanda Apk is developed by Mathpresso that helps you solve all of your maths questions with proper step-by-step explanations. Learn more about the features of Qanda Apk Below:

  • Scan Math Problems:


To solve the question in Qanda App, you have to scan the question, and answers will come up automatically. To get more accurate results, make sure you have only one question in the image. You can scan both horizontally as well as vertically. Users can also crop their main questions to get results instantly.

  • Web Search:

Qanda Apk

You can also use the web option to get the answers to your question in case Qanda App struggles to find answers. Sometimes the image is not clear, or the image is not proper, so you can directly search on the web from Qanda App and get answers accurately.

  • Get Step by Step Explanation:

Qanda Apk

You will get step by steel explanations of all results in this app. If the explanation is still unclear and you are unable to grasp the solution, then you can ask QANDA teachers directly.

  • Study with friends:

Qanda Apk

You can add your friends in Qanda App and make a separate study group where you can set time and study together. Students can also track their daily study time and compete with their friends. You can also join other study groups via Qanda Apk.

  • Solve Math Questions:


Just solve the maths problems in this app and earn coins and badges. There are many events and community activities in Qanda Apk where you can participate and earn coins. Whenever you solve a certain amount of questions in the Qanda app, you will get a badge which will show in your profile.

  • Save your search history:


All your previous questions and search history is saved in the recent searches section. You can find community activities and events on the main menu. You can also track your coin and badges.

  • QANDA Community: 


Qanda Apk is also a social network platform where you meet other students and solve maths problems and quizzes. You can also organise quiz events in this app.

Final Verdict:

Qanda Apk is a maths-solving problem app that instantly helps you get accurate results. You can scan the maths question from your books. You can also create your own maths problems and solve them via Qanda Apk. Professional Users can also solve others’ problems and get points. Download Qanda Apk and get your maths question to solve easily.

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