How To Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp [WORKING]

Updated on April 20, 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world. Whether a user needs to send a message or to have a chat with his friends or relatives. WhatsApp is the most preferred app and now it is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp comes with certain security and privacy for the user. In the time of data breach, no one can trust an app that comes with flaws. Although WhatsApp developers promise that the app is fully secured and conversation is encrypted from end to end. And the user doesn’t need to worry about the data. But we every day get to know about data breaches and data malpractice around the world.

The app is vulnerable to a certain extent and developers working day and night for the privacy of the phone. There are many alternatives of the WhatsApp in the market which offer optimized security according to the preference of the consumers. One of that modified app is GBwhatsappfmwhatsappyowhatsapp.

Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

How To Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp In 2022

So, let us get to know the process to read deleted message on GBwhatsapp:-

  • First of all, the user needs to download the GBwhatsapp apk from the official website of GBwhatsapp. After downloading the app the user needs to install the apk on his/her phone after granting permission.
  • After logging into the GBwhatsapp just send a normal message to your GBwhatsapp registered number and delete it. As the user open GBwhatsapp, the message deleted will be shown.

Delete WhatsApp Message.gif

  • From here the user needs to click on the profile of the user from where the message gets deleted and click on the “privacy”.

WhatsApp Privacy

  • In the privacy section, the user will find the “ENABLE ANTI REVOKE” option. Here the user needs to switch that on by clicking on the box next to it.

Enable Anti Revoke

  • Now for checking if the functionality is working or not. Just send a message and from the same number on GBwhatsapp from which the user has deleted the message previously. Now delete the sent message.

Delete For Everyone WhatsApp

  • Open GBwhatsapp and click on the new message. The user will see that the message sent from the other WhatsApp is visible. So this is how the functionality of reading deleted message work.

GBWhatsApp Anti Revoke

This app is quite popular as it offers a plethora of options according to the user’s preference. GBWhatsApp is primarily a modified version of WhatsApp which a user can install on the same phone where the user uses the original WhatsApp. Gbwhatsapp provides much more functionality and modifications as compared to the ordinary WhatsApp, GBwhatsapp comes with customizable settings.

The GBwhatsapp or we can say the mod was created by a senior XDA member known as Has.007. GBwhatsapp provides a lot of modifications and setting in its app. Which a user can use according to his/her preference. The app provides certain vital updates and theme enhancements in the app.

This app can be the best alternative to the original WhatsApp. Certainly, when the user has concerns over privacy and security and wants unlimited functionality. Today we will be going to talk about one of the most important functionalities of the GBwhatsapp. Suppose someone sends a message to a user and without the acknowledgment of the receiver.

The sender deletes the message and the receiver doesn’t see the message. To sort out this issue GBwhatsapp has a function. After switching that on. The receiver of the message can even read the deleted message afterward. Although this function is not available on the ordinary WhatsApp.

To use this functionality, the user will have to download and install GBwhatsapp on his/her phone. GBwhatsapp is a third-party app so we can’t guarantee the user about the privacy of their data and in the app. Although developers of the GBwhatsapp promises that the data is completely secure and safe with the user and developers don’t interpret the transfer of data in the app.


The information we have about the functionality to read deleted messages in GBwhatsapp. Although this function can be different according to the recent update in the app and the platform on which the app is working. this function is optimum and can work on all the available devices. This is all the information we have about the method “How To Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp” on GBwhatsapp.

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