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Become a pilot with Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk and fly a plane, invite your friends, and explore new maps

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Real Flight Simulator

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February 7, 2023


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Do you want to fly a plane and feel the experience of pilots? Here’s the quick game Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk that can serve you the experience of flying a plane. You will get all the controls and personal cabin space; as it’s a multiplayer game, you can invite your friend to your cabin crew. Handle the challenging seasons and turbulence due to bad weather. Take a look at satellite maps and learn about air traffic; you must take off and land your plane at the given time to complete the tasks. This game has unique graphics and delivers the same feeling as a copilot on your screen.

Real Flight Simulator

About Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk

Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk is a free game where you can fly a plane and experience it. You have to take control of all the buttons and invite your friend to assist you while you’re on the runway. It’s a multiplayer game; you can invite two other friends to your cockpit. There will be traffic controls and a navigation system on your screen that you have to keep in mind before you start a ride. You must pass the tasks to unlock new missions and get new planes. The planes are customizable, and you can modify and make minor changes. The maps will be in satellite view and alert you about all nearby flying planes and other weather conditions.

Highlights of Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk

The Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk has many benefits that you should know in brief before you install the app.

  • Learn Basics

You’ll learn about all the essential functions of flights, from driving on the runways to takeoff and landing.

  • Enjoy Real Experience

The experience will be realistic, and you have to deal with all the major and minor situations like turbulence and bad weather.

  • 3D Graphics

The graphics are in 3D along with the sound effects, as the sound quality supports Dolby atmos and serves you the best experience.

  • Customize Planes

You can modify your planes, add stickers and slogans, or change the plane’s color with your choice.

  • No Advertisements

There will be no advertisements in the game, and you can fly a plane without disturbance.

Real Flight Simulator

What are the benefits of Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk?

There are some extra benefits available in this MOD version of the game. Here is the list of the major highlights you should read.

  • Flight Controls

You’ll get an exact image of the cockpit as you see in any private jet or commercial plane.

  • Understand Maps

Take a quick look at your route through the satellite maps and quickly know your plane’s altitude and height.

  • Air Traffic Guide

The traffic guide will get alerts of planes flying near your location. Coordinate with the other pilots to work on changing heights or directions.

  • Multiplayer

It’s a multiplayer game; you can invite your friends over the missions to work together and fly a plane.

Final Words

In the end, we hope Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk keeps you entertained and let you learn several new things. If you like the app and want to ask something related to the app, drop your queries into the below comments box.

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