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Take crucial decisions to create your own story, play the role of the main character and pass intense missions with Sarada Training Apk.

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Name Sarada Training
Package Name com.SaradaTraining
Category Simulation  
Version 3.0
Size 1.2 GB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated September 21, 2023

Sarada Training Apk is an anime adult game where you can explore the open world to find new locations and missions to enjoy. There are many locations available on the maps that you can follow to get new adventures. You can meet with different characters, make them friends, and start the journey together.

Sarada Training Apk

Visit the nearby cities to interact with more public and find girls to have fun with. Participate in daily missions to enjoy the rewards you can use to buy luxurious items and for new skins to change your character’s appearance. This game has 3D graphics that make the gameplay looks even more realistic for the players.

About Sarada Training Apk

Sarada Training Apk is an anime-style game where you can explore an open world and do whatever you want. It has 18+ visuals and plenty of adult missions to entertain the young audience. You can have girlfriends, chat with strangers, make them your friends, and have fun. There are many cities available on the maps to visit and hope for a safe place to stay and meet with new girls.

Play the daily challenges to earn the rewards and rent yourself a house to invite the girls. Sarada Training App has 3D animation graphics, and they make every moment realistic in the game. You can customize your player’s appearance to make him look like a charming man so he can attract more girls. It has easy missions to keep you happy; play the pass time missions to enjoy new adventures.

Highlights of Sarada Training Apk

  • Interactive Options

The game has an interactive audience; you can chat with the other public and start a conversation. You’ll get options to continue the conversation or leave the point whenever you want.

Sarada Training Apk 2

  • Upgrade your Character

Upgrade the skins of your character to make him look like a hero. Try to look smart because there are several missions where you have to attract hot girls to pass the challenges.

  • High-Quality Graphics

The graphics are impressive, and you can see everything in cartoon-style animations. There are some moments where the focus gets blurry to hide the inappropriate visuals from the kids.

  • Pass time Missions

You can participate in the daily challenges to enjoy the easy missions and have fun by completing the given tasks. These missions are relatively easy, and you can easily complete the job quickly.

Sarada Training Apk 4

  • Simple Controls

The control buttons are easy to understand, and you’ll get a few extra options after you unlock the special abilities. Keep working on your appearance and try to complete more missions faster to unlock more action.

Final Words

Sarada Training Apk is an anime game with adult visuals; this game isn’t suitable for kids and if you’re still interested in playing the game, make sure you have the guidance of someone older than you. If you have any questions about the gameplay or the missions of this game, ask your queries through the comments box.

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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