List of Short Forms of Words Used In WhatsApp

Updated on November 16, 2022

List of Short Forms of Words Used In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is already the most popular and widely used social messaging app around the world. More than a billion users use WhatsApp to communicate with each other. Millions of messages are sent every day on WhatsApp and since texting has become a major source of communication, people have started using it often.

Casual texting is on the rise and users have started using short forms of words while texting each other. You might have seen or used slang on WhatsApp that is basically a short form of a word. There are many common short forms that are being used by people all around the world.

List of Short Forms of Words Used In WhatsApp

This post is about such short forms and we will tell you about some of the best and most popular short forms of words used in WhatsApp. You might be familiar with many of them but you can find a lot more so you can use them on WhatsApp and anywhere you want on the internet. These short forms are scraped from the internet and some by our experts so users can have a pleasant texting experience on WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp Message Short Forms List

Final Words

WhatsApp short forms of words in chatting are being used all over the world and you must use it if you are not using it right now. There are many WhatsApp message short forms available out there and you can use them anytime you want. WhatsApp SMS short forms not only save time but it makes texting faster. These are only some WhatsApp short forms and there are tons of them available out there.

You can also create your short form of words on WhatsApp and start using it. We will keep adding more common WhatsApp short forms on this page, so keep visiting Latest MOD APKS to know about them. If you know about any other good and helpful short words on WhatsApp, then you can let us know about them via the comments below so we can include them too.