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Simple Control Apk is a device accessibility service which provides all functions on screen.

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3.0.91 Golden_sunset


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4.2 and up

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February 22, 2023


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If your smartphone buttons are broken and have stopped working, you can use them with this app. Simple Control Apk provides a huge number of shortcuts and accessibility buttons which help you use your mobile device easily. This app is mainly used to mimic the button functions such as screenshot, back, home, switch off, etc. and provides smooth device function without a working button in your smartphone device.

Simple Control Apk

Simple Control Apk is easy to use with a smooth user interface. You can also change the navigation button functions with this app. This app allows users to customize the button’s size and colours. You can also add various forms of shortcuts, such as click, long click, swipe, etc., for app functions. There are no ads in this app for a flawless user experience. You can use this app for free of cost.

Simple Control Apk

Simple Control Apk does not collect or store the user’s personal information. This app only requires accessibility settings through which you can use all button-based functions through this app. Some major functions you can use with this app are taking screenshots, using the back button, recent button, power menu, notification panel and split screen.

Key Features of Simple Control Apk:

Simple Control Apk is a smartphone accessibility and app control tool developed by coolAce. This app helps users when their mobile button stop working. You can also use this to access all functions on your smartphone easily. To learn more about the amazing features of Simple Control Apk, read below:

  • Custom Navigation Bar:

Simple Control Apk

If your navigation buttons are not working, such as the menu button, back button and recent button, then you can use this app on your device. It will help you access all those features with shortcuts like swipe, long click or double click to use your navigation bars.

  • Replace Broken Buttons:

Simple Control Apk

If your device buttons are not working, you can easily use the same button features with this app. When you provide the accessibility requirement to Simple Control Apk, it helps you access all buttons and shortcuts with this app. You can also customize the app functions with easy shortcuts and voice commands.

  • Device Accessibility:

Simple Control Apk

This app helps you access all of your device functions easily. You modify all features f this app and use it to create new shortcuts from app functions. If your buttons are broken, it will be hard to go back. Recent apps of the home section. But now, this can be accessed with Simple Control Apk without touching buttons.

  • Take ScreenShots:

Simple Control Apk

It would be best to use the power and volume keys together to take a screenshot. If any of those keys are not working, taking screenshots will be impossible. With Simple Control Apk, you can take screenshots with one click every time.

  • Customize Buttons:

Simple Control Apk

You can customize the app navigation bar and other buttons according to your choice. A vast spectrum of colour choices is also available to change buttons and icon colours.

  • Voice Command: 

With Simple Control Apk, you can access your device with voice commands. To use voice commands, you must use the English language. You can also customize the voice option settings for easy access.

Final Verdict:

Simple Control Apk helps in accessing the smartphone device without buttons. This will help you when your mobile buttons are not working. You can get all accessibility buttons such as volume, switch off, screenshot, search, home, back and much more. You can also use it as a shortcut app to access your device without struggle. Download Simple Control Apk and control your smartphone device smartly.

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