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SAI is an Android app that allows users to easily install split APKs.

Split APKs Installer (SAI) APK

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More About Split APKs Installer (SAI)

Name Split APKs Installer (SAI)
Package Name com.aefyr.sai
Category Tools  
Version 4.5 b60
Size 5.1 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated September 21, 2023

What is Split Apks Installer?

Split Apks Installer APK for Android is an incredibly useful tool that allows users to install multiple application packages (APKs) at once on their devices. This can be extremely helpful when dealing with large applications, such as games or productivity suites, which often come in several different parts and require separate installation steps.

Split APKs Installer (SAI)

With Split Apks Installer APK for Android installed on your device, you no longer have to worry about going through the tedious process of manually installing each individual part one by one – instead, just select all the files needed from a single place and let this powerful app do its job!

Its fast, easy-to-use interface makes it ideal even for those who are not tech-savvy; anyone can quickly learn how to use this great program without any prior experience. And best of all? It’s free so there’s really nothing stopping you from giving it a try today!

Features of Split Apks Installer for Android

Split Apks Installer is a powerful and convenient Android app that allows you to easily install split APKs on your device. It provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to quickly find the right files for their needs without any hassle or confusion. With Split Apks Installer, you can now enjoy all of the benefits of installing multiple versions of apps in one simple package!

Split APKs Installer (SAI)

  • Easy to install split APKs on any Android device.
  • Supports both ARM and x86 architectures for installing apps.
  • Ability to batch-install multiple APK files at once with one click.
  • Automatically detects the correct architecture of your device before installation begins, ensuring a seamless experience every time you use it.
  • Allows users to view detailed information about each app they are trying to install such as size, version number etc. so that they can make an informed decision while downloading or upgrading their apps from Google Play Store or other sources like Amazon Appstore etc.
  • Provides support for custom ROMs which may not be compatible with some versions of Split Apks Installer due to its unique features tailored specifically towards them (eg: LineageOS).
  • Compatible with all major file formats including .apk/.xpa/etc.

Pros and Cons of Split Apks Installer:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Allows you to download APKs from Google Play Store even if the app is not available in your region or country.
  • Supports both ARM, x86 & MIPS architectures for installing apps without any compatibility issues.
  • Optimizes downloaded apps by compressing them into smaller sizes before installation on device memory/SD card storage space saving valuable disk space while still delivering the excellent performance of installed applications with no compromise on quality.
  • Automatically checks system requirements against each individual split-apk file ensuring a smooth user experience during the installation process every time it’s used.

Split APKs Installer (SAI)

  • It requires a rooted device to install split APKs.
  • The app is not available on Google Play Store, so users have to download it from third-party sources which can be risky as the source may contain malicious content.
  • Split Apks Installer does not guarantee that all apps will work properly after installation and some of them might crash or freeze during use due to incompatibility issues between different versions of Android OS used in various devices.

FAQs Regarding Split Apks Installer for Android.

Split Apks Installer is an Android app that allows users to install multiple APKs (Android application packages) at once. This makes it easier for developers and testers who need to deploy many different versions of their apps quickly, as well as those who want the convenience of installing several related applications in one go.

Split APKs Installer (SAI)

In this FAQ guide, we will answer some common questions about Split Apks Installer Apk so you can get up and running with ease!

Q: What is Split APKs Installer?

A: Split APKs Installer (SAI) is an Android application that allows users to install multiple split-APK files on their devices. It was designed with the goal of making it easier for people who want to sideload apps or games from sources other than Google Play Store, such as Amazon Appstore and F-Droid. SAI can also be used by developers looking to test new versions of their apps without having to upload them manually each time they make a change.

Q: How do I use Split Apks Installer?

A: Using SAI is simple; all you need are your desired split apk files in .apks format and access rights granted through ADB commands if necessary. Once these two steps have been completed, simply open up the installer program, select “Install” within its menu bar at the top right corner and choose which file(s) you would like installed onto your device—that’s it!

Split APKs Installer (SAI)

Your selected applications will then begin installing automatically after clicking “Confirm”. If any additional permissions were required during the installation process those should appear before the final confirmation step too so please pay attention when prompted accordingly.


The Split Apks Installer Apk is a great tool for those who need to install multiple APKs at once. It allows users to quickly and easily download, extract, and install all of the necessary files in order to get their apps up and running without any hassle or confusion.

The app also has some additional features such as creating backups before installation so that you can restore your data if something goes wrong during the process. Overall, this installer makes it easy for anyone with an Android device to manage their applications efficiently while ensuring they are always safe from malicious software downloads.

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