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Do you want to listen to high-quality songs from paid music apps like Spotify and SoundCloud for free? Do you want to listen to your favourite songs offline without paying for them? If you want any of these, then you are in the right place.

Spotiflyer Apk is a renowned app which lets you download songs from the premium version of music apps and let you play them offline for free. You can also use Spotiflyer app as a music player on your smartphone. The sound quality is up to 320 bitrate, and the download speed is also impressive. You can download the whole album or playlist in a minute.

What is the SpotiFlyer apk?

Spotiflyer App was initially made to download songs from the Spotify app for free. Generally paid music platforms don’t allow users to download songs. To tackle this issue the developer has come up with this unique idea of Spotiflyer. This app work just like Spotify but here you can listen to songs offline without any disturbing ads.

Spotiflyer app

Spotiflyer not only helps you download Spotify music but also lets you access music from Gaana, Youtube music, SoundCloud, etc music apps. The main purpose of Spotiflyer Apk is to provide premium and paid music for free. You can also share that downloaded music easily. Spotiflyer apk is completely free of cost. The reason behind this app is unavailable on the google play store is that it is a third-party app which helps you access and download paid content. Spotiflyer is a safe and intuitive app for music lovers.

Key Features of the SpotiFlyer App

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Amazing Sound Quality

download soundcloud songs

The sound quality can be changed easily with one click. The audio quality varies from 128kbps bit rate to 320kbps bit rate. Set your audio quality preferences and download your favourite songs instantly just after putting down the music link on Spotiflyer apk.

Easy-to-use user interface

Overall look and usage are very minimal and eye-catching for the users. You can very easily access all important music files and play them with no hassle. Once you start using Spotiflyer there’s no chance you will ever move back to any other audio player.

Download your favourite songs

download spotify songs

To download songs from spotify, Gaana, Youtube music, Soundcloud or any other app all you have to do is to copy the song link and paste it on Spotiflyer. Once you Paste the song’s link on Spotiflyer apk click on download icon given next to song. You can also download more than one song at a time. If you want to download whole playlist then you must copy link of that album or playlist and paste it on Spotiflyer app.

Play songs offline

Spotiflyer apk not only download songs but also works as an intuitive music player. You can create own playlist and add to favourites in Spotiflyer just like any other music app. The sound quality is high quality and smooth according to download type. Its impossible to play songs without video ads interrupting your playlist. Thats why Spotiflyer has came as a saviour to give you interrupted music listening experience.

Get Access to all top paid music players

spotiflyer mod app

Currently Spotiflyer apk supports music download from Spotify, Gaana, Jio saavn, Youtube, Youtube Music and Soundcloud. On upcoming versions of Spotiflyer it can support Apple music, Google play music and Wynk. All of those music streaming apps are paid and consists ads on free version which you can get rid off with the help of spotiflyer apk.

Share music with your friends and family

When you share music from apps like spotify, gaana or any oither paid apps they will get link of the song not the actual song on audio. To open that song or link sometimes they need to download the app or login and register their account. Why troubling your friends and family with such tiring tasks. Just download songs from the Spotiflyer app and send it directly without any hassle.

Final verdict

If you want to listen to your favourite songs without buying any paid subscriptions of famous music apps like Spotify, Gaana, Youtube Music, Soundcloud, etc. then the Spotiflyer app can help you with that. Just copy the link of the songs you want to download then put it in the Spotiflyer apk and listen to your favourite songs offline. The music quality of the Spotiflyer apk is above par compared to any other online music player. Just put the link to your favourite songs and download them instantly with one click.

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