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Create your army unit with swords, weapons, and Giant troops to attack on other territories for battles in Stick War: Legacy MOD Apk.

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Stick War: Legacy

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November 22, 2022


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Do you love stickman games and want to try a new action game? Here’s the Stick War Legacy MOD Apk. This game will let you create an army unit of stickman attack on the other territories to win new lands. You can take control of each army troop and decide on their attack strategy.

You can use heavy weapons, giant troops for more damage, and automatic artillery to hit the other territories with full explosives. Plan the whole attack process and deploy your forces at the weak points of the opponent’s land. The game is in, and you can enjoy the view of battles from any angle you want. Take a look in 360 views to look after every fight your troops.

Stick War Legacy

About Stick War Legacy MOD Apk

Stick War Legacy MOD apk is an action-adventure game that lets you create a unit of stickman army to fight against the different territories. The game has multiple options for weapons; choose simple guns, automatic machine guns, big explosives weapons, and much more. You can also add giant troops to your army to cause more damage to your opponent’s army.

You can take control of all your army and each troop, decide their positions and work on a strong attacking strategy. If you win the battle, you can capture the territory or your opponents and make it yours. You can grow your empire and conquer the world with your destructive troops.

Features of Stick War Legacy MOD Apk

Read the below-mentioned points to learn about the features of Stick War Legacy Apk.

  • Mission Mode

You can choose to play many missions to earn quick rewards and practice your army-leading skills.

Stick War Legacy

  • Win Rewards

The rewards will be available only if you win the battles, and these rewards may contain new skins, weapons, or free coins.

  • Follow the Maps

You must follow the maps to find new territories and know about the red zone area to keep your army safe from all danger.

  • Crown Levels

Their levels work according to your choice, and you can make the fight divide into three major options. It’s Normal, Medium, and Hard.

  • Create Units

Create your army and select each troop; keep noticing your unit’s space, not maximise the limit.

Stick War Legacy

  • New Weapons

Add destructive weapons with your troops so they can cause more damage to the opposing army and help you to conquer the new territory.

  • Dead Zombies

In the Zombies mode, you can fight with endless numbers of zombies to earn rewards and practice your weapon’s efficiency.

What’s new in Stick War Legacy MOD?

In the Stick War Legacy MOD version, you get additional benefits to enjoy the game.

  • Unlocked Weapons

It has access to more weapons, and you can unlock any weapon you want in the first level.

  • Giant Troops

Add giant troops to your army to let them handle the big machines and help your other soldiers from the grenade attacks.

  • Change Location

You have options to flip the backache and locations of the battlefield to make it even more realistic and joyful.

Final Words

Stick War Legacy MOD Apk is a full entertainment package; you can enjoy the game without the internet. If we missed any point that should be on the list, let us know about it so we can update the post.

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