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Prepare yourself for an epic battle! Create the strongest shinobi ninja and fight against evil dark forces in the stickman ninja fight game.

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Name Stickman Ninja Fight
Package Name
Category Arcade  
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 4.0
Size 185.8 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated November 24, 2023

Prepare yourself for an epic battle! Create the strongest shinobi ninja and fight against evil dark forces in the stickman ninja fight game. Are you intrigued by the mythological and ancient stories associated with Ninja warriors and their mysterious ability to disarm their enemies? Do you want to experience all the skills and powers associated with ninjas on the battlefield? It’s time for a fast-paced action game called Stickman Ninja Fight Mod. In which you must create the strongest shinobi ninja team to defeat all evil dark forces.

Stickman Ninja Fight Mod Apk

About The Game

A fast-paced arcade game developed by MANA, Stickman Ninja Fight Mod lets you experience the fearsome fighting of characters from the ninja world inside the dark world. This ninja journey requires you to master basic but powerful controls. Such as dodges, jumps and power-ups, in order to become a stellar shinobi and shatter your enemies.

Stickman Ninja Fight Mod Apk

Make your name rise on the game leaderboards by competing in this epic 3v3 ninja battle against multiple players. This Stickman Ninja Fight game has multiple arena stages and levels, and the storyline is divided into ten chapters. Throughout the game, you can choose from 15 different ninja characters, each equipped with unique abilities and powers; as you progress, you can also upgrade their powers and unlock new abilities.

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The game starts with chapter mode, where you have to do 3v3 battles with evil shinobi ninjas. Defeating the enemy will advance you to the next level of the chapter, and this battle continues until one of the ninja’s teams runs out of chakra.

It Is essential to the game that the ninja has chakras so that they can unleash powerful attacks; otherwise, they are not able to continue playing. Whenever you make a powerful attack or are attacked, you lose this chakra.


Left Side Control: This side of the game allows you to switch heroes and use chakra during battle, along with a joystick that assists you in navigating your way around. You can switch heroes anytime during the battle by tapping on the character icon shown above.

Right-side control: You can block attacks, fire energy, and perform special attacks and melee attacks by pressing buttons in the right section of the game controls.

Features of Stickman Ninja Fight Game

Mesmerizing Graphics & Sound Effects

Ninja characters in the game are designed uniquely, making the graphics stand out even more and giving you a unique gaming experience. Besides the graphics, tremendous effort was put into the game’s sound as well. Whether it is the violence or the dialogue of the characters, you will always find yourself engaged.

Stickman Ninja Fight Mod Apk

In-Depth Storyline Mode

With Stickman Ninja Fight Mod’s Story Mode, you will be able to experience a challenging 300-level journey with 10 chapters in which you will face various challenges and 3v3 battles with evil Shinobi. Upon completing each level, you can unlock new characters and upgrade their abilities.

Play with various ninja characters

The game allows you to choose from 15 characters, all with unique powers and abilities, which you can unlock by completing levels. With this game, you will be able to see Ruto, Paim, Minata, Sakuru, Hasirama, and many other shinobi ninja characters. By collecting gems and rewards, you can upgrade them from S to SSS level.

Additional Features of the game

  • Wide choice of characters upgrade system.
  • Super diverse combat skills with over 300 different types of skills.
  • Unlock hidden mode and face many challenges.
  • Try Your Power With Power Challenge Mode.
Mod Features
  • Unlimited Coins/Diamonds
  • All Characters Unlocked
  • Free Shopping

Final Conclusion

The Stickman Ninja Fight Mod is an action fighting game where you must defeat the evil Shinobi Ninja force by assembling the strongest ninja team. So join the epic battle and let the battle begin!

Reviewed by: Yazmine

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