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Create your own dream city, expand your business, and trade with other businessman to earn maximun profits in SunCity APK

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November 16, 2022


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Here’s an exciting game for you guys to build your virtual city and start doing business. SunCity Apk lets you create a city and do farming with all the real-life machinery tools to understand all the facts and figures. You can decorate your farms and start harvesting crops and other vegetable plants to earn income.

Chat with the big traders to plan an agricultural strategy according to the contract of demand and supply. You can start your transport business to import and export goods using trucks and other logistics drives.


About SunCity Apk

SunCity Apk is a game where you can build your city of dreams from scratch. Start by buying land for farming and expand your agricultural resources. You can sell your crops reasonably to earn profits from the big traders. Later, start other side businesses to generate more passive income.

You can communicate with other dealers, traders, and business holders to offer you shares and servers. Collaborate with other firms to expand your network and production area. You can connect with your online friends to play the game together and help each other to overgrown.

The game also has options to invest your credit points in animal farms, production diaries, and other poultry-related farms. You can change your profession whenever you want and handle multiple operations simultaneously. The game has the most realistic experience graphics and shares accurate ideas about farming and other businesses.

Features of SunCity Apk

The game has many unique features, including realistic graphics and animation processes. Read the below highlights to know more about the game.

  • Expand Farms

You can buy more land and expand your agricultural business. Also, you can invest in poultry farms.

  • Used Machinery

You’ll find all the valuable tools and machinery at your farm; use the tools to start farming and crop harvesting.

  • Trade Business

Sell your crops and vegetables to any dealer you want, and trade the products at the best rates to earn more profit.


  • Animal Production

You can start your diary, poultry farm, or animal care sheds to help the animals by feeding them.

  • Multiplayer Game

It’s a multiplayer game; you can invite your friends to play together on the game server and help each other.


  • Real Experience

It has all the real-life experiences of farmers, landlords, businessmen, and intermediaries. You can play the role of any character you want.

How to Install SunCity Apk?

Suppose you don’t know how to install SunCity Apk on your android smartphone. Follow the below step-by-step guide.

  • First of all, you have to download the app. For that, click on the above download button.
  • Open the package and press the install button. It may take a few seconds.
  • Later, open the game and grant all required permissions.
  • Create your new account using your email account or social profiles.
  • Choose a username to share the invite codes and profile building.
  • Start the game and follow the tutorial to learn the basics.


So this was all about the game SunCity Apk. We hope you guys love this post and give this app a chance. If you have any doubts related to our article or the game, we are here to help you. Drop your queries, and our team will shortly assist you with the best response.

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