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Sunpharmashine Apk is an ERP-based system to manage daily office tasks with ease.

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June 29,2022


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Are you running a business and need Enterprise Resource Planning Software and App to manage your business operations? Sunpharmashine Apk is right there to solve all of your business management-related problems and help you get Base 12 ERP functions on your Android device.

What is Sunpharmashine Apk

Sunpharmashine is an ERP-based app that helps small business owners and managers to manage their business operations end to end process. This App is highly used among pharma companies in India and African countries. If you are a small business owner and cannot afford big ERP-based systems for your business right now, then you should definitely take the help of the Sunpharmashine App.

Sunpharmashine Apk

This app lets the user manage their workflow and every other process, whether it’s financing or hiring to production and stocking. All users will get a defined dashboard where they can get every minute details about their firm. The inputs will provide you with intelligence reports with precise data. It also works as attendance and reporting app for employees and teams.

Business owners can manage their teams and keep an eye on each of them through work reports and action planning usage. It can also work as a social platform as all users or employees will be present there. Those who are offline can get notifications if there is an emergency situation.

Advantages & Limitations:


The advantages of the Sunpharmashine apk are comparatively more than its limitations. Since this is an app only which works only on android devices and doesn’t possess a similar ability as ERP software, you can find some of its limitations too.


  • Create detailed report
  • Workflow approval
  • Standard Dashboard
  • Meeting Calendars
  • Business Intelligence report


  • Cannot create invoices and accountings
  • Unable to track employee’s exact field location
  • Off-line reports are slow compared to online
  • Raw materials input is not available
  • Production unit input has a limitation on its type

Key Features of the Sunpharmashine App

  1. Create daily reports: All employees get access to maintain their daily reports in the Sunpharmashine apk. This report can be accessed by managers and Employers directly without any hindrance.
  2. Easy sign-up: Once you get an ID and password for the Sunpharmashine from your manager, you can easily sign up or log in instantly with one click.
  3. Choose preferred Language: There are 14 international languages available on this app. Using Sunpharmashine apk in your preferred language can make overall usage better.
  4. Works Offline: If there is no network for report input, you don’t have to worry about it. Sunpharmashine lets you add data offline, and once you go online, it will automatically add your data to the master report.
  5. Tracks Production report: Anyone can track the report ad data as it is available for all employees and managers. This helps in removing the information block and helps everyone understand where they and their business stand.
  6. Manage Employees: SunPharmaShine Ak lets you manage your employees directly from your smartphone. You can receive their timesheets and attendance details once they sign up in Sunpharmashine. 
  7. Better Communication: This app allows managers to communicate with their team and Upline managers or bosses over text from Sunpharmasine. 
  8. Get notified for daily meets: Managers can put daily meets with time and topic details which they can join directly from Sunpharmashine without any issue.
  9. Track Expenses: Sunpharmashine track the finances and accounting of business with an end-to-end solution too. Business owners and managers can easily track their business finances with this app.

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