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Sweatcoin APK is a free app that pays you for walking and exercising.

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Name Sweatcoin
Package Name in.sweatco.app
Category Health & Fitness  
Version 177.1.0
Size 96.3 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Last Updated July 13, 2024

Sweatcoin is making a big difference in the fitness world. It gives you rewards for walking or exercising, which helps you stay fit and healthy.

Fitness means being in shape for someone and being muscular for others. But fitness is a healthy state of the body which comes from regular exercise and discipline. For thousands of years, humans have worked hard on farms hunting animals ancient times, which made the body fit and robust to fight disease. In earlier times, the average human walked 10 Miles every day, which made their brain work properly and kept the body fit. But as we advance in technology, we are getting lazy daily, leading to various health problems. In the USA, every 1 out of 4 people has obesity.

As we see the universal trends, the issue of obesity is more in the urban areas than in the rural regions .but in developed countries such as the USA or Canada, an unhealthy lifestyle has become a headache for the country’s development. In urban lifestyles, we have our phones 24 hours in our hands, and we always show laziness in doing workouts. Not only this, if we have an increased level of stress with weight gain, I might suffer from diseases like organ failure and heart diseases such as coronary heart disease. It might lead to diabetes and blood pressure.

Sweatcoin APK
But how does sweatcoin helps you in fitness? Well, the sweatcoin apk rewards you for doing exercise.

Features of SweatCoin APK

Earn fitness coins

Sweatcoin APK

Whenever you walk, you can use the sweatcoin app for daily tasks. Every time you walk for 1km, you can get sweatcoins. Approximately you get 100 super coins for walking 1Km. You can exchange these sweat coins for gifts, and you can also donate them to good causes.

Spend on the marketplace

Sweatcoin APK

On market place, you can get a Netflix subscription when you have completed 3000 sweatcoins. Also, you can get vouchers from Nike and Adidas if you have enough sweatcoins. As you can understand, all these are for hardcore fitness freaks only.

Step counter

Sweatcoin apk has a real-life GPS-based steps counter. It uses motion sensors and GPS in sync to understand the movement and track the estimated steps—counting steps is accurate. Bumps and jumps are not counted; only steps are counted in the game.

Daily bonus

You get a daily sign-in bonus from .01 sweatcoins to 10 sweatcoins every day when you sign in to the sweatcoin apk. There are also other bonuses which are available on different levels. If you complete 500 steps, you can unlock the following compensation; if you complete 1000 steps, you can open another bonus.


You can donate to various NGOs to go good. Many certified NGO NGOs partnered with the sweatcoin apk to bring the donation feature.

Refer and earn

Sweatcoin APK

For every referral you make, you can get five sweatcoins.

Do sweat coin pays you for being fit?

Yes, sweat coins pay you for being healthy.

Sweatcoin cost

Sweatcoin is a free app to download; there is no charge to use the app.


It was our take on the sweatcoin apk does use to make your fitness journey more rewarding. For more such excellent content, keep visiting the latestmodapks.

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