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Talkatone apk is the best app to get free disposable numbers.

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Name Talkatone
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Category Communication  
Version 8.0.0
Size 32.1 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated December 21, 2023

Talkatone is a great app for Android phones that lets you get a phone number. Most of the features are free and it’s been used to make calls for 50 years now.

Talkatone apk
Earlier telephones were costly in the late 90s. Mobile phones were developed by the us Military to aid in communication with the help of satellites. The mobile telephone later commercialised mobile technology to gain more profit by selling to ordinary people. As Us Military launched mobile phones, they were an instant hit. Firstly, mobile phones were heavy and weighed in kilograms instead of grams. As time passed, most brands made folding phones and qwerty phones.

Here brands like Samsung blackberry and Nokia were the market leaders. But in the latter half of 2007, apple launched its first iPhone. iPhone completely revolutionised the industry by adding a touch screen. Now Android and iOS are right now ruling the world. But on the order hand, telecom operators like Jio and Airtel kept growing because you can buy phones from apple or Samsung. Still, it would help if you had an excellent telecom operator to do the primary calling and other kinds of stuff.

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To buy a sim card, you have to do a KYC verification of yourself. There is a lot of paperwork which you need to complete to use a sim. Before the talk at one apk launch, there was no concept of a disposable Simcard or virtual sim card.

Features of talkatone apk

There is a lot which can be discussed here but to keep the post short, we need to understand some basic features of the talkatone apk for Android.

Talkatone apk

Unlimited calling

Most telecommunication operator charge for calling as it is the primary way of their income; Telecommunication operators claim in their unlimited plans that you can talk unlimited, but it’s not endless; it has a limit. Now to understand it better, we must take into account an example.

WhatsApp provides unlimited calling as it supports wifi calling all around the world talkatone apk uses the same technology to carry out the calling function.

Talkatone apk


Along with calling, talkatone apk also provides you unlimited texting to your friends for free.

Change your number at any time.

In the talkatone apk, you can change your number anytime. Yes, you heard it right; you can change the number from your can anytime without any issue. It is easy if you have a virtual sim.

Talkatone apk

Virtual sim

Virtual sim cards don’t need any physical sim. They are just mobile numbers allotted to you with an app. talkatone apk also provides a virtual sim instead of a real Simcard. They are usually pre-registered sim cards.

Uses of Talkatone apk

International trips

Whenever you are on an international trip, you know how much it charges you for international roaming. You can use the talkatone apk for Android for international trips as the app’s credits are way cheaper than the original price, which you will pay for international roaming to the telecom operators.

For tablets

Most tablets don’t have a calling function as they are deprived of sim card slots. If you need a sim card, you must use a dongle that will only provide you with the internet. Well, you can use talkatone apk as a solution as it provides you with a virtual number.

Other uses

  • Pranking friends
  • Disposable numbers


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