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Teen Patti Star is an online Indian poker game played with six players with digital currency.

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May 29,2021


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Card games are quite popular among players all over the world. There are various card games available on android devices. Many people are huge fans of Teen Patti, which is an Indian card game similar to poker. And these days, people prefer playing various board and card games on their smartphones and computers because this lets them play the game online with their friends without being with them in reality, and also, it’s an easier way to play games. 

teen patti star Apk

Teen Patti Star apk is a game where you can play on a table with other players online, giving you a casino-like playing experience. You can win coins and use them for betting. This game can be enjoyed without a high-end internet connection as well. This app is designed in such a way that you can enjoy the game even if you have poor internet connectivity. You can also play this game with your Facebook friends. This way of playing Teen Patti is safer and more ethical as you don’t have to bet with real money here.

Features of Teen Patti Star apk:

Teen patti star app

  1. Multiplayer Teen Patti experience: this app has a premium casino-like design where you can play against many players on a table. 
  2. Play with your friends: you can invite your friends from Facebook or even without Facebook to play with you. So you can play Teen Patti with your friends even though you are not with them in reality. You can play with your friends even if they are sitting in another country.
  3. Earn and spend coins: just like a traditional Teen Patti game, the player with the highest card wins and earns coins. These coins can be used to make bets in your next games. This makes the game more interesting and thrilling.
  4. Simple UI: this app has an easy-to-understand yet beautiful graphical user interface.
  5. Works well with poor internet connectivity: the best feature about this app is that you can play this game even with a 2G internet connection, so there is no problem even if you don’t have a good internet connection.
  6. It’s free and completely safe.


If you love playing Teen Patti games and you want to play this game on your mobile phone with your friends, then Teen Patti Star apk is the app you need. This game is easy to play and understand, yet it has a premium casino-like design. So what are you waiting for? Download the Teen Patti Star apk now and enjoy playing Teen Patti with your friends!

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