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Play online cards games, invite your friends on private tables on Teen Patti Vungo APK

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June 29,2021


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Are you a gamer and want to earn from your skills? Teen Patti Vungo APK has got you covered. You can play a live teen Patti Game and win rewards, challange your friends, or play on private tables. Please invite your friends and challenge them to win against you. Send gifts and stickers for more fun while playing. With Teen Patti Vungo APK, you can enjoy multiplayer matches of 4 to 8 players on the same table.

What is Teen Patti Vungo APK?

Teen Patti Vungo APK is an online card Game where you can invite friends over the match and play together. You can create tables of 2,4, and 8 players or join the random internet players. On the private tables, you can set custom rules, big higher, put some rewards, and much more.

If you win the matches, you’ll be featured on the leaderboard, and everyone in the Game will see your name. Earn the rewards by unlocking levels, winning the challenges against your friends, and many more.

Benefits of Teen Patti Vungo

Suppose you’re looking for something forwards to installing Teen Patti Vungo APK and don’t know the highlights of this application. Then, here are some significant benefits you will see in this Game.

  • Leaderboard

It has a leaderboard where all the winners and full reward holder names are mentioned.

  • Dual Currency

Here you have two types of currency in this Game; Coins & Chips. Both are available for different purposes.

  • Chat Online

You can send texts to your friends while you’re at the table. You can text your partners even if you lose the match and are still on the table.

  • Send Gifts

Send annoying stickers and gifts to your opponents for more fun. It includes GIFs, Emojis, and Stickers.

  • Mini Games

You can also participate in mini-games that last for only a couple of minutes and have cash rewards.

  • Online Matches

Find online tables to join a random match and show your winning skills to other players.

  • Private Tables

Create a private table and invite your friends over the table to play together and have fun.

  • Daily Rewards

If you open the Game regularly, you’ll get the daily bonus of coins & chips, which increase your resources.

Disadvantages of Teen Patti Vungo

Earlier, we discussed the merits of this Game, and here we have some disadvantages which you should before installing the Game.

  • Contain Ads

It contains ads, which means you have to watch the advertisement and sponsored banners over your screen. But they won’t disturb you while you’re at the table. Their ads are visible in the lobby area only.

  • Regular Themes

You don’t get any option to change the themes or colours of the interface. Deal with the bright red colour even if you feel bored with it.



With Teen Patti Vungo APK, you can play multiplayer matches with your friends online. If you know any other multiplayer games that should be an alternative to this Game. Drop the name into the comments section so we can research it.

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