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Download Telegram X Apk for instant texting, share media files, documents, and make audio/video calls with your friends for free.

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Telegram X

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24.2 MB

Requires Android

4.1 and up

Last Updated

November 16, 2022


1.5 / 5. Vote count: 2

Telegram is one of the best and the popular platform for messaging. You can send texts, media files, and documents to your friends with no size limit. So what’s the Telegram X? Telegram X is the dark version of Telegram, packed with some extra features that aren’t available in the earlier package. It has a spotless interface and doesn’t bother you with any advertisements.

In Telegram X, you can send multiple files at a time, and there is no limit on the size of the files. The download speed is also bizarre. You can add thousands of members to a group chat and track their moments in the chats. Your chats will be secured and encrypted; nobody can see or leak your chats unless they know your password.

Telegram X

About Telegram X Apk

Telegram X is the alternative version of Telegram, packed with many new features that weren’t available in the previous version. With Telegram X, you can send an unlimited number of media files at a time, and there is no size limit barrier. You can send a file of up to 2GB, and you’ll get no issues.

Your chats are now secured and encrypted, and there’s no need to worry about privacy. It’s available in dark mode, and you can change the theme from the settings. The download speed of files is now 5x faster than before, and you can put multiple files on download simultaneously.

Features of Telegram X Apk

Here is the list of some significant highlights now available in the Telegram X Apk.

  • High-Speed Downloads

Now you can download the files with maximum speed, download multiple files simultaneously and enjoy the browsing experience together.

  • Sleek Animation

The animation and transitions effects are too smooth to work on your screen. You’ll be amazed to see the interface of the app.

Telegram X

  • Experimental Features

There are some experimental features available in this package that you can try, delete the message, hide the last seen, download profile pictures, etc.

  • Secret Chat

You can hide your convenience from the chat list and keep it under a secure password or pin.

Telegram X

  • Send Unlimited Files

There is no limit on sending files; you can send up to 150 media files at a time. This feature works on all formats of files, media, and documents.

  • Stickers Collection

It also has a vast collection of stickers available in the gallery. You can add your favorite stickers for free and make your conversation more attractive than before.


Telegram X Apk is the best platform for sharing big files with friends. This app doesn’t require any subscription or special knowledge about cloud-based servers. It’s as simple as sending a text to your friend if you still have any doubt related to this app or the process of sending files. You can drop your thoughts into the comments to get instant help from our team.

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