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TFT: Teamfight Tactics Apk is a multiplayer PvP strategy-based game released by Riot Games.


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Name TFT
Package Name com.riotgames.league.teamfighttactics
Category Strategy  
Version 14.8.5768838
Size 82.0 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated April 19, 2024

Teamfight Tactics was developed by Riot games which also created one of the most famous games, leagues of legends. If you are a league of legends fan, then this game is made exactly for you. This is a strategic version of League of legends where you can find most of the similar players, Villains and monsters from League of legends games. TFT Apk is a strategic game where you can choose a team of heroes to fight for you and win the battle.


TFT Apk is a Ranked battle mode where you can play with other players online and climb up the ranks. If you are new and want to learn about the Teamfight tactics game, then you can choose the tutorial mode. This game is just like chess based on League of legends characters. The fighting characters are called champions, and all of them possess a unique speciality.


You can also choose your main player in this app. Initially, you will get Pengu as the main character, who will choose a team of champions to defeat enemies. The Champions are classified as per their powers. They carry tags like the sorcerer, Sniper, Cybernatic, Vanguard, Chrono and many more. You can also increase the strength of champions with game money. 

Key Features of TFT Apk:

TFT: Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game where you have to set a game plan ahead to win over enemies. The champions will work as pawns in this game. They fight automatically; you just have to place them on the battlefield. Read more details about TFT Apk below:


  • Recruit the best Team: The team is like a pawn of chess which helps you win the fights. Since this game is strategy based and you cannot fight, you must have a better player to win easily. You can recruit the best players from the shop by purchasing them with gold.
  • Unlock New Champions: Initially, you will have two champions specialising in Sniper and Chrono once you start winning fights and earning gold. You can use those gold to buy better champions and unlock the best version of that player.
  • Amazing characters: There main characters of this game are generally cute animals. Every character has some strategic power. TFT Apk provides Pengu the penguin for free, which is the main mascot of this game. You can later purchase 2 and 3-star characters like QiQi, Sisha, Dango, Tocker and others.
  • Graphics: The graphics are basically 2D and high quality. The action in battle looks artistic, just like in League of legends. The characters are cute, and the champions are flashy.
  • Increase the Ranks: When you fight a battle, whether you win or lose, you will always get some points with increases the rank. The rank also signifies how good a player you are. You can also compete with either player to get a higher rank.
  • Battle online: TFT Apk is an online MOBA game where you can use strategies with your team to win the game. The person with better players and powers and a speciality that weaken and defeat the enemy will be the actual winner.
  • Grow your Champion: You can buy copies of the same characters for the shop and join them to increase their power. You must add three copies of the same champion on the battlefield to make a one-star player into two stars.


The Teamfight Tactics Apk is made as a strategy-based game of League of legends. In LoL, you have to fight with your hero, but here in this game, the characters fight automatically. The player who has chosen better players and applied strategy before execution can easily win the game. Download TFT Apk and play the chess version of League of Legends for free.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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