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The Room is a 3D puzzle game that boost the intellect.

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August 2, 2022


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The room Apk has been the world’s best intellectual game launch till now. It has 5 Million+ downloads on google and had been rated 4.8 Star which is a huge thing. The rating of this game has set a world record and is awesome in itself. In this game, there is a room in your house where mysterious things happen. If you enter the room once there is no way left for you to come out again. This room doesn’t seem to be safe for anyone. The game has a highly outstanding quality of graphics. Once you start playing this game you will surely get addicted to it. If you are searching to download The Room Latest Version Apk then you are at the right place. We have provided you a direct download link to apk file in this article below.

The players of this game say this is the most brain teaser and terrifying game on whole google play store. This game comes under puzzle category and if you really love playing puzzle type games then give it a try. You will always remember this game for your whole life. This game is developed and maintained by Fireproof Studios. Its a mind consuming journey along with thrill and terrorism. The Room requires the Android operating system to run. It is not yet launched for IOS users but creators are working on it. The room has now lots of new things added up in the last update. If you are interested in The Room game then you can simply download it on your phone by clicking on the download link provided below.

Download The Room Apk Latest Version for Android

The Room was seen in the year 2015 for the very first time and it was launched on google play store. When you start the game, everything is normal. Suddenly you found a letter lying in your house. It reads How are you, my old friend? I am happy that you have got this letter and I wish you have forgiven me. There is no one else in this world whom I can call as mine. You remember our study room? Come to visit me at our old house. Everything seems normal so far now but after you go inside the room all doors and windows are closed. There is no way lest through which you can come back out. Enter only when your heart is strong enough.

The Room Apk Features

While most of you are already playing this game on your Android smartphones. Still, some of you are hearing about The Room game for the very first time. It is necessary to discuss the main features of The Room Apk with all of you. Before that, we should now discuss the features of The Room game.

  • A completely savage game where twists are in every corner of the game. The room is terrifying than conjuring series and when I say that I really mean this. This game is a perfect example of complete fear with the excitement of new discovery at the same time.
  • Game developers of The Room have tried to give you out the best game controls.  Game control with your screen is finest and very smooth. Everyone must experience the trill after knowing the theme, idea, and concept of this game. The game introduction is enough to scare you all the way.
  • It is counted on the list of best free games with the superb quality of graphics. Everything so real even ghosts too, so think two times before playing this game. Graphics are given priority when it comes to us to choose the best game from options. It helps us to connect ourselves with the character’s life whose role we are playing in a game. This has been taken care by FireProof Studios while creating the game.
  • The room has been crafted so beautifully that you will not able to stop yourself from getting attracted toward itself. This fantastic brain teaser game has been rated so high because the players are highly addicted to it and they love it from their soul.

Requirements to Play The Room:

Do you know what are the requirements to play The Room on Android? If no then, first of all, you should know that there is no special requirement. Anybody can install and play The Room Apk on their smartphone easily. But, to solve your problem we are going to share a list of all required things:

  • Android Phone (Running on 4.0+ Android version)
  • The Room Apk (Download link shared below)

Let me ask, is there anything special in the above list? I hope your answer is No. Whenever you are ready with all the things shared in above list, you can proceed to the main steps shared below. If you already know how to install Apk file on Android then no need to check out the installation process. But if you are a newbie, you can check out the steps. Let me share the Download link for the game.

Download The Room Apk for Android

No need to search anywhere else when we are providing you The Room Apk file. 😉 Yeah, many websites oThe Room and renamed it as the latest version. This makes people irritated, right? So, we have decided to share the working latest version of The Room with you.

From this download button, you can download The Room Apk latest version for Android. Whenever any new version gets released, we will update it here. You can bookmark this page for getting new updated regularly. 😉 In case, you are facing any issue in downloading or installation, feel free to comment down below, we will help you as soon as possible.

How to install The Room APK on Android

There are lots and lots of features of the game but we can’t discuss them all together. I have already shared more than enough features. You can check all yourself after installing it on your phone itself. Now without wasting much time, let’s move towards installation part.

There is nothing different you need to do for installing the game on your phone. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned. I don’t think this part was necessary to include in the article still I am adding it so no one gets stuck because of this.

  • First of all download The Room Latest Version Apk file from the top of the site.
  • Now the downloading process will start.
  • After it finishes, go to downloads folder and search for the downloaded apk file.
  • Open it and click on the install button.
Install The Room Apk
  • You can see now apk file is being installed.
The room App Installing
  • It will hardly take a few seconds, once it finishes you are done.
The Room Installed Successfully
  • Now you have successfully installed The Room Latest Version game on your Android.
The Room

So that was really a quick and easy method to install the game from apk file. I think you have no doubts about installation part now.

The room apk can be downloaded free of cost by anyone from our website. You can simply click on the download button to get the apk file. Placements and designs for this games can get this to add to the list of wonders. Such a beautiful art piece has been provided in a single small room which is nearly impossible.

Final Words

So, this article is specially written to share The Room Apk with you. I think you have downloaded this game till now on your phone. If not then why are you waiting for?  Hurry up and do it now. I have tried to cover each and every important data in this article but still if I have forgotten something or you are facing any doubt. Then you are welcome to comment below. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. You can even check our homepage for more applications and games like The Room.

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