The Ultimate Guide to Editing and Customizing GTA Games with TXD Tool

Updated on November 27, 2023

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games are known for immersive gameplay, captivating storylines, and engaging open-world environments. However, what truly sets them apart is the ability to customize and modify various aspects of the game. One such powerful tool that allows players to unleash their creativity is the TXD Tool.

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This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about using the TXD Tool for editing and customizing your favourite GTA games. Whether you want to change character skins, alter vehicle textures or create entirely new content from scratch – this guide has got you covered!

What Is TXD Tool?

TXD Tool is a popular modding application explicitly designed for Grand Theft Auto III (GTA 3), Vice City (GTA VC), San Andreas (GTA SA), Liberty City Stories (LCS), Vice City Stories (VCS), Chinatown Wars (CW) on Android devices. It provides an intuitive interface enabling users to import/export textures in-game without hassle.

Getting Started:

Before diving into customization options with TXD Tool, it’s essential first to ensure that your device meets its system requirements:

  • An Android device is running at least version X.XX.
  • Sufficient storage space available.
  • A compatible version of GTA is installed on your device.

Downloading & Installing TXD Tool: To begin customizing your favourite GTA game using the powerful features offered by TXD Tools:

  • Open the Google Play Store or any trusted APK website.
  • Download “TXDT” – if searching through the Google Play Store

1. Textures Replacement:

One of the primary uses of TDX tools is replacing existing textures within a game environment, like vehicles or character skins. Follow these steps to replace surfaces:

  • Launch the TXD Tool and select your desired game.
  • Choose a feeling you want to modify or return from the list provided.
  • Import your custom texture into the tool by selecting the “Import” option.
  • Apply changes, save, and exit.

2. Creating New Textures:

If you’re feeling particularly creative, TDX Tools allows you to create new textures for in-game objects. Here’s how:

  • Open the TXD Tool and select your preferred GTA game version.
  • Click the “New Texture” button within the app interface.
  • Customize various aspects of your new texture, such as size, colour depth, etc., using built-in editing tools available within the TDX Tool.
  • Save it with an appropriate name/location.

3. Exporting & Sharing Customized Content:

Once you’ve edited or created custom content using TXD Tools, sharing it with other players can be exciting! To export/share customized content:

  • Locate saved files within their respective folders (e.g., vehicle mods are under the ‘vehicles’ folder).
  • Compress all relevant files into a single .zip archive file format for effortless distribution/sharing purposes via websites/forums/social media platforms.


The ability to edit and customize GTA games makes them appealing even years after release. With powerful modding applications like TXD Tool, we can genuinely unleash our creativity by effortlessly altering everything from character skins to vehicle appearances.

This guide covers essential information about downloading/installing TXD Tools on Android devices and step-by-step instructions for replacing existing textures or creating brand-new ones. Remember always to respect copyright laws when modifying games!

So why wait? Start exploring endless possibilities today by diving into the world of customization offered through Grand Theft Auto games combined with the incredible capabilities of TXD Tool!