The Ultimate Guide to Editing APK Files with APK Editor Pro

Updated on November 24, 2023

APK files are the installation packages used by Android devices. While they usually contain all the necessary resources and code required for an app, there may be times when you want to make changes or modifications to enhance its functionality or customize it according to your preferences. This is where APK Editor Pro comes in handy. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of editing APK files using this powerful tool.


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What is APK Editor Pro?

APK Editor Pro is a versatile application that allows users to modify existing Android Package (APK) files directly on their device without requiring advanced technical knowledge. It provides a user-friendly interface and various features enabling customization, including resource extraction, string localization modification, ad removal, permission management, and more.

Step 1: Downloading and Install APK Editor Pro

To begin editing your desired apps’ apk file(s), download and install the latest version of APK Editor Pro from reliable sources such as official websites or trusted third-party platforms like

Step 2: Selecting an App for Modification

Once installed successfully on your device, launch the application. You’ll have two options – “Select Apk File” or “Select An App.” Choosing “Select An App” will display a list of applications already installed on your phone/tablet; select one you wish to edit.

Step 3: Modifying Resources/Assets

After selecting an app for modification within APKEP’s interface window opens up several tabs representing different aspects of the chosen app—such as ‘Full Edit,’ ‘Simple Edit,’ ‘Common Edit,’ etc.—each providing access-specific elements that require alteration.

  • The full Edit tab enables deep-level modifications involving manifest.xml edits and small/code injection.
  • Simple/Edit Common tab offers basic alterations like changing icons/images/sounds/fonts/etc., modifying app name, package name, and version number.
  • The ‘Resource Rebuild’ tab allows you to replace or add new resources/assets like images, audio files, and layouts.

Step 4: Editing Strings and Localization

APK Editor Pro also provides a convenient way to modify strings within an APK file. Users can change text displayed throughout the application without altering its core functionality by selecting the “Strings” tab in APKEP’s interface window while editing an app. This feature is particularly useful for localization purposes or personalizing user-facing content.

Step 5: Removing Ads and Permissions

Another notable capability of APK Editor Pro is removing unwanted advertisements (ads) from applications that may hinder your experience. Users can navigate to the “Ad Hack” section under APKEP’s interface window while editing their selected app(s), allowing them to turn off ads effectively.

Additionally, this tool enables managing permissions granted by apps during installation. With APK Editor Pro’s permission management feature in its interface window’s “Permission” section, users can control which permissions are allowed or denied per app.


APK Editor Pro is a powerful tool for Android enthusiasts looking to customize their favourite applications according to their preferences and needs. Whether it be tweaking visuals through resource modification or enhancing functionality via code injections – this guide has provided you with essential steps required for successfully editing APK files using APK Editor Pro.

Remember always to exercise caution when making modifications as improper changes could lead to unstable behaviour crashes specific apps/devices, void warranties, violating terms of usage agreements, and developers/publishers involved in respective software products.