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This is the police is a simulation game in which you get to play a role of a Police Chief

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Have you ever wondered how a police station works and why a police chief faces challenges daily? There was not much clarity about this till now, but today we will present you with a simulation game. There are not many games which offer you adventure and a crime story along with Goosebumps giving climax. If yes, you are at a perfect location because today we have got you This is the police APK.

This is the police apk

We all love police-based stories. And we love how the police investigate and catch the criminal. But there aren’t many games which are based on this category. This is the police APK is a game of one of its kind where you get to play a role of a police chief daily.

The name of the police chief is Jack Boyd. This game is purely based on the strategy by which police handle different situations inside a police station or, should I say, a police department. Jack price to take her to the case of a police headquarters with solving pieces of criminals making money before he gets retired to see after his family also fighting with a corrupt Mayor.

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This is the police storyline details

This is the police apk storyline

This is the police game’s storyline is based on a role simulation of a police chief. The plot is set in the city of Freeberg in the year 1985. In 1985 the crime rate of the town was relatively high. Jack Boyd, the PD chief, manages various police operations from the headquarters.

Mayor Rogers sits in the city centre and is a critical player in the politics of Freeberg city. He is a corrupt person and can do Anything for money. Mayor uses the undue advantage of his power to control the police force. Mayor orders. Jack follows them to help the police department with upgrades.

Criminals Christopher G. Sand is a mafia don who is on the hit list of the police department. He is the kingpin of many illegal activities happening in the city. Also, there is a criminal area named china town where wanted criminals, especially the red mask gang.

Plot it is very straightforward that the mayor of the city wants to jack the chief of the police department to retire so that he can favour his nephew. Jack Boyd’s retirement date is on 10th January. Before that, jack decided to make half a million dollars for his family. Only one month is left in his retirement, and many dark secrets of Freeberg city are about to unfold with time.

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FAQs about This is the police APK

Is This the police APK paid game?
Yes, this policy is a paid game on the Google Play Store and costs around 6$ or 520 INR.

How does the game end?
The game has different climaxes; as per your decisions, the ending might change from a good end to a tragic ending.

Why is the This is police game so famous?
This is the police APK is a simulation game developed by handy games back in 2018. Since then, the game has been one of its kind and on the top games list of Google Play many times. This game connects you with the game character, and you will feel you are living a life of a police chief.


This is the police APK is a fantastic game that one should try if he is a crime thriller game enthusiastic person. Do tell us your views about this game.

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