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Make short reel videos lip sync with songs, Surprise everyone with some different artwork or dance, and introduce yourself as a celebrity.

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Name TikTok Asia
Package Name com.ss.android.ugc.trill
Category Social  
Version 32.4.3
Size 292.0 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated December 2, 2023

In 2016, the tech company ByteDance launched an app called Musically. It quickly became popular and spread to everyone’s devices in a very short time – something no one expected. In 2018, this app was changed to Tiktok. This is one of the few amazing things that have happened recently such as inventing the Internet or giving people access to smartphones which has made our world more advanced than ever before.

The Tiktok Asia app has been made entirely from the blueprint of TikTok, in which you can reach the global audience through this app by making a minimum 15-second video, adding about 100 million users every month.

TikTok Asia

You get a lot of facilities inside the Tiktok Asia Apk, and you can give a new look to the song of every artist and singer in the world by using it legally in this app. Talking about creativity, the features present in this TikTok Asia Apk, like different custom filters or all the small plugins introduced in video editing, make this app something different.  The age of the people using this app is only between 16 to 28. According to the statistics, TikTok Asia Apk is used for 50 minutes daily.

This app is not limited to lip-syncing only; TikTok Asia Apk, you can surprise everyone with your creativity like comedy, dance, singing, magic, and also a lot of talent that no one has ever seen, even big Major companies like Google, Spotify has also used this platform.

Features of the Tiktok Asia Apk

Unlimited Space For Video Uploading

In this app, you can upload as many videos as you want, limited to 10 minutes, but most people like to put videos only up to 15 seconds.

Social Media Sharing Option

After creating your video, TikTok Asia Apk allows you to share it on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp; this increases the reach of your video significantly.

Like and Comment Feature

Like all other social media platforms, the option of liking and commenting is also available in this app; this feature inspires content creators to make more videos.

Post Notification

You get to know the news of every information or post of the person followed by you only through notification. With the help of this, you stay updated with every information daily.

Duet or karaoke feature

How about if you can make it more fun by performing lip-syncing of your favourite songs with someone else? This thing makes this app even more fun.


You must know about this feature hashtag if you have seen the Twitter app. This feature runs any activity or notable trend so that people can easily see the viral content. #latestmodapks.com looks like this

Screenshots For Tiktok Asia Apk

Tiktok Asia 1

Tiktok Asia 2

Tiktok Asia 3

TikTok Asia Apk 4

Final Conclusion

So get involved in some new creativity, make a reel and show this hidden talent inside you in front of everyone who knows you are the next celebrity. If you like fun apps like this, you can visit our website latestmodapks.com. If you are facing any problems related to this app or have any suggestions, then definitely tell me in the comment box below.

Reviewed by: Marissa

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