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TM WhatsApp is a messaging app for Android that lets you stay in touch with your friends and family.

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Name TM WhatsApp
Package Name com.tmwhatsapp
Category Social  
Version 8.55E
Size 75.7 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated August 20, 2023

3.7 / 5. Vote count: 632

Are you in search of a mod Whatsapp app with features like scheduling your replies, hiding blue ticks or double ticks, seeing deleted messages and much more? TM Whatsapp apk is the best available option for you to get amazing WhatsApp mod features available in one place.

What is TM WhatsApp Apk?

TM in TM Whatsapp apk stands for Titus Mukisa, and he is the developer of this App. WhatsApp, which you get from the google play store, doesn’t have features like changing themes or sending status of longer length.

TM Whatsapp has tons of mind-blowing features which you might not find in any other WhatsApp mod app. In the latest version of TM WhatsApp, users can download WhatsApp status with one click. Now you don’t have to ask others to send their Whatsapp status. Usually, WhatsApp status stays for 24 hours, but in TM Whatsapp it stays up to 36 hours.

TM Whatsapp

If you want to hide seen or message delivered blue tick or double tick, then TM Whatsapp can sort out this problem for you. Go to the TM Whatsapp settings, and there you will find a vast range of modified features that are unavailable on WhatsApp.

Privacy settings of TM Whatsapp have all kinds of options, from hiding your message seen to hiding status seen. Overall, TM Whatsapp stands out as one of the best Whatsapp mod apk.

Features of TM WhatsApp:

Get detailed info on the features of TM WhatsApp below!

 mod Whatsapp

Create unlimited groups

There is no limit on creating groups on TM Whatsapp. In regular WhatsApp which we download from the Google play store has certain limitations on every feature but in TM Whatsapp you have all limited features unlocked.

Add unlimited people to the group

In Normal green Whatsapp, you can add only 512 members in any group. It was 256 before but in the latest version, they have doubled the group limitation because more and more people were deleting the Google play store version of Whatsapp and downloading TM WhatsApp on their smartphones. If you create a group via TM Whatsapp then you have the authority to add unlimited members to that group.

Auto Reply

This feature of TM WhatsApp works just like a dynamic auto-reply bot. Whenever someone texts you, they will directly get an auto-reply message. This feature is made especially for the businesses on WhatsApp. Create a customized auto-reply message which can be sent to those who message you while you being offline or far from your phone.

Share video status for up to 7 minutes

Whatsapp allows users to send video status for up to 30 seconds only. If the video is lengthy, then it will get broken down into many 30-second size video statuses. But if you don’t want your videos to cut or break into small length sizes and want to send a more extended version of the video in the same status, then download TM Whatsapp to your device and enjoy this fantastic feature.

Show Blue tick after reply

TM Whatsapp

You can now show blue tick whenever you want. Most of the time, we are busy or don’t want to reply to anyone, but we see their messages. If we do not respond to them at that time, that will lead to break the bond or make them angry, especially when it’s your parents, relatives or boss. That’s why TM Whatsapp comes there to help you hide the blue tick, and it only shows when you reply to the person.

Delete texts and calls up to 3 days

In the latest versions of WhatsApp, you can delete the message for both sides for up to 5 hours only. Sometimes we want to delete the message, but it does not show the delete for everyone option in your WhatsApp. This is sometimes very frustrating when we cross the delete for everyone’s markup time. But now you don’t have to worry anymore as you can delete WhatsApp messages for both sides for up to 3 days.

Control your privacy

TM Whatsapp app

Privacy is a myth, but you can make it a reality by using TM Whatsapp in the place of normal WhatsApp. In TM Whatsapp, you can hide blue ticks, Hide double ticks, and Hide typing and recording notifications which the receiver can easily see. These features will help you control your privacy on Whatsapp.

Schedule your replies

If you want to send some a message at the exact time exact date then you can schedule it on TM WhatsApp. TM Whatsapp allows you to schedule messages for up to a week. These features come in handy during birthdays, and anniversary wishes.

Final Verdict

TM WhatsApp is a mod version of regular WhatsApp that you can download from the play store. But this has more features compared to the normal WhatsApp app. This app is Modded and Developed by Titus Mukisa. Currently, TM Whatsapp is getting more downloads due to its unique features like hiding seen notifications from messages and status.

TM WhatsApp is 100% secure, and it doesn’t use your data for any commercial purposes. Comment below if you have any issues downloading or installing this app!

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