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Tongits Go - Sabong, Pusoy is a popular Filipino card game for Android.

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Name Tongits Go
Package Name
Category Card  
Version 5.2.13
Size 170.7 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated May 24, 2024

What is Tongits Go?

Tongits Go APK for Android is the ultimate card game experience that allows players to enjoy a classic Filipino card game anytime, anywhere. It’s an exciting and fast-paced three-player rummy style of play where you can challenge friends or random opponents from around the world in real-time.

Tongits Go

With its easy interface and smooth gameplay mechanics, Tongits Go provides hours of entertainment with every match played! The app also features leaderboards so you can track your progress against other competitors as well as daily rewards which make it even more rewarding when playing this beloved pastime. Whether you are new to Tongit or have been playing since childhood, there’s something here for everyone; hone your skills by competing online today!

Features of Tongits Go for Android

Tongits Go is an Android app that brings the classic Filipino card game to your smartphone. It’s a fast-paced, fun and easy way for you to play Tongits with friends or family anytime, anywhere! With its intuitive user interface and simple ruleset, it makes playing this popular 3-player rummy variant easier than ever before.

Tongits Go

The app also offers unique features such as online tournaments where players can compete against each other from all around the world in real time. So if you’re looking for some exciting card action on your mobile device – look no further than Tongits Go!

  • Easy to play with simple rules.
  • Play against computers or real players online.
  • Choose from different game modes such as Classic, Quickplay and Tournament Mode.
  • Customize your avatar by selecting a character’s skin colour, hairstyle and accessories.
  • The chat feature allows you to interact with other players during the game.
  • Send gifts like coins, chips & more in-game items for free!
  • Leaderboard shows top-ranking Tongits Go Players worldwide.
  • In-app purchases available for additional features.

Pros and Cons of Tongits Go:

  • Easy to learn and play – Tongits Go Android app has a simple yet intuitive design that makes it easy for anyone to understand the game rules.
  • High-quality graphics – The visuals of this game are stunning, making your gaming experience more enjoyable.
  • Multiplayer mode – You can invite friends or join random opponents in real-time matches online with just one tap!
  • In-game rewards & bonuses– This feature encourages players by providing them with additional points when they win games against other users.
  • Leaderboard system – Players can compare their progress on an international leaderboard and compete against each other’s scores from all over the world!

Tongits Go

  • Limited to only two players, with no option for more than 2.
  • Can be difficult and time-consuming to find another player online due to the small user base.
  • Gameplay can become repetitive after a while as there are limited options available in terms of customization or game modes.
  • In-app purchases may be necessary if you wish to purchase additional features such as new cards or avatars which could add up over time.

FAQs Regarding Tongits Go for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Tongits Go! This popular card game has been around since 1999 and is now available as an app. Here you can find answers about how to play, where to download it from, what features are included in the apk version of this classic Filipino pastime, as well as any other questions that may arise during your gaming experience.

Tongits Go

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking for more information on playing Tongits Go with friends online or locally – we have all the tips and tricks here so start reading today!

Q: What is Tongits Go?

A: Tongits Go is a mobile game application that allows users to play the Filipino card game, tong-its with friends and family online or offline in virtual tournaments for real cash prizes! It features realistic 3D graphics, an AI opponent system so you can practice your skills even when playing solo, chat functions during games as well as leaderboards where players from all over the world rank their scores against each other.

Tongits Go

The app also offers daily rewards and bonus chips which can be used to purchase special items within the store such as avatar clothing accessories and customizations of tables & cards decks available exclusively on this platform! With its easy accessibility through both Android/iOS devices – it’s no wonder why many people are drawn towards trying out this popular local pastime nowadays.

Q: How do I start playing Tongit’s GO?

A: To get started withTongit’s GO simply download our free app onto your Android device then sign up using any valid email address (you may choose not to use Facebook).’

Tongits Go

After signing up successfully just select whether you would like to join an existing tournament hosted by another player or create one yourself – once done click the ‘Play Now’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen; now let us take care rest while we set everything else ready for fun gaming experience ahead!


Tongits Go Apk is a great way to enjoy the classic game of Tongits with friends and family. It offers an easy-to-use interface, realistic graphics, and online multiplayer options for those who want to challenge other players from around the world.

The app also allows users to customize their decks by adding new cards or playing styles as they progress through different levels in order to make them more interesting. With its simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics, this card game can provide hours of entertainment for all ages!

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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Nice and happy games

Guys lets play in tongits go

Real money

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