Top 10 Hidden Features in Winning Eleven 2012 You Didn’t Know About

Updated on November 20, 2023

Winning Eleven 2012, also known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2012, is a famous football video game that has captivated gamers worldwide. While many players are familiar with its core gameplay and features, several hidden gems within the game often go unnoticed. This blog post will explore ten lesser-known features that can enhance your gaming experience.

Player Customization Options:

Did you know that Winning Eleven 2012 offers extensive player customization options? From changing hairstyles to adjusting facial features and body types, you have complete control over how your favourite players look on the virtual pitch. This personal touch adds an extra layer of immersion to your gameplay.

Team Tactics Editor:

Take charge of every aspect of your team’s strategy using the Team Tactics Editor feature in Winning Eleven 2012. With this tool, you can fine-tune formations, assign specific roles to individual players or even create custom tactics from scratch – allowing for a more personalized approach when facing different opponents.

Training Mode Enhancements:

Sharpening your skills becomes easier with Winning Eleven’s enhanced Training Mode capabilities. The game provides various training drills designed to improve gameplay, such as shooting accuracy or passing precision—perfect for honing those crucial abilities needed during intense matches.

Advanced AI System:

The developers behind Winning Eleven implemented an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) system into their game design, enhancing realism and challenge levels significantly compared to previous versions.

Realistic Weather Conditions:

Experience dynamic weather conditions like rainstorms or snowfall while playing matches in Winning Eleven 2010! These realistic elements affect player movement and ball physics, making each game feel unique depending on environmental factors.

Hidden Unlockable Teams:

Unlock special hidden teams in Winning Eleven 2012 by completing particular challenges or winning specific tournaments. These secret squads often feature legendary players from the past, offering a nostalgic twist to your gameplay experience.

Player Development System:

Winning Eleven 2012 introduces a player development system that allows you to nurture young talents and help them reach their full potential. By investing time and resources into training promising youngsters, you can mould them into future superstars for your team.

In-depth Statistics Tracking:

Winning Eleven 2012 provides an extensive statistics tracking system for those who love analyzing performance data. Keep tabs on individual player performances and team records, and even compare stats with friends – perfect for fueling friendly competition among fellow gamers!

Hidden Celebrations:

Unleash unique goal celebrations by discovering the hidden combinations of buttons within Winning Eleven 2012. From acrobatic flips to humorous dance moves, these animations add flair and personality whenever you find the back of the net.

Community-Driven Content Sharing:

Join an active community of dedicated fans sharing custom content, such as updated rosters or realistic stadiums, through online platforms like forums or modding websites. This aspect keeps the game fresh long after its release date, allowing players to enjoy user-created additions.


While many football enthusiasts have enjoyed countless hours playing Winning Eleven 2012 (PES), numerous hidden features are still waiting to be discovered! The ten features mentioned above offer exciting opportunities for customization, strategic planning, and overall immersion within this beloved video game franchise.

So why not dive back into this classic title today? Explore these lesser-known aspects; they might breathe new life into your gaming sessions!