Top 10 Most Challenging Missions in Bloons TD 6

Updated on November 29, 2023

Bloons Tower Defense 6 (TD 6) is a popular strategy game that tests your skills and strategic thinking. With its colourful graphics, addictive gameplay, and challenging missions, it has captivated players worldwide. This blog post will dive into the top ten most difficult tasks in Bloons TD 6.

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1. “Chutes”:

“Chutes” is notorious for being one of the most challenging maps to conquer due to its intricate layout and limited space for tower placement. Balloons come from multiple directions simultaneously, making it crucial to plan your defence carefully.

2. “Muddy Puddles”:

“Muddy Puddles” presents an additional challenge by restricting tower placements on some map regions due to water obstacles. This forces you to think outside the box when strategizing your defences against waves of balloons.


The unique feature of “Quad” lies in its four separate tracks where blood waves travel independently towards different exits. Managing each way effectively requires exceptional multitasking abilities and precise timing with upgrades and skills deployment.

4.”Dark Castle”:

In “Dark Castle,” visibility becomes a significant obstacle since parts of the map are shrouded in darkness until they’re revealed via towers or other means like Monkey Intelligence Bureau ability usage or radar scans provided by specific heroes’ abilities such as Etienne’s UAV Support Chinook upgrade path.

5.”High Finance”:

With limited space available for building towers atop skyscrapers within this cityscape-themed mission, careful planning is essential here, too! Additionally, frequent MOAB-class blood rushes add another layer of difficulty, requiring powerful anti-MOAB strategies early on.

6.”Flooded Valley”:

“Flooded Valley,” true to its name, floods large sections periodically throughout gameplay while limiting tower placement options. This forces players to adapt strategies and maximize available spaces during dry periods.


The “Infernal” mission introduces a new challenge by featuring lava pools that can destroy towers if not placed strategically, adding an extra layer of difficulty in maintaining defences against relentless blood waves.

8.”Bloody Puddles”:

Like its predecessor, “Muddy Puddles,” this map restricts tower placements due to water obstacles but adds another twist – no Monkey Knowledge or Powers allowed! Players must rely solely on their strategic skills and upgrades within each game session.

9.”Adora’s Temple”:

This temple-themed mission requires careful planning as it limits the number of towers you can place anytime. It would be best to have precise timing and efficient use of powerful hero abilities like Adora’s transformation into Sun Avatar for maximum effectiveness against challenging blood waves.

10.”Spice Islands”:

Last, we have “Spice Islands,” which presents unique challenges with multiple entry points for balloons combined with limited space availability on small islands. Balancing both land-based and water-based defence strategies is crucial here!


Bloons TD 6 offers countless hours of fun-filled gameplay, especially when tackling these top ten most challenging missions. Each level tests different aspects of your strategy-making abilities while pushing you to think creatively under pressure. So gear up, sharpen your tactics, and prepare for some intense balloon-popping action in Bloons TD 6!