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TrackView is the best app to keep your family safe with GPS and a camera which can work remotely.

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November 03,2022


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Trackview APK is a free application which can hp you keep track of your family’s safety and security. With unique functions, the app is a must-have for everyone who cares about their family. Today we all know that we live in a ruthless world. The safety and security of our family should be our top priority. And You could trust nobody. Here trackview apk is a handy tool as it provides various features like camera and voice capture to see what is happening in your absence.

trackview apk

The direct question which will come to your mind after reading this is, why not use a CCTV camera? Well, I will choose the trackview apk over the CCTV camera for a couple of reasons. Reason firstly it costs way more than your old mobile phone which is free. Secondly, Cctv can’t use wirelessly. Third, when using a CCTV camera, Cctv cannot trace it remotely. Fourth there are a lot of other features available in the trackview apk, which we will discuss ahead. The main point is that trackview is a remote app, so you can do anything remotely from your phone instead of using an entirely new setup.

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Features Trackview Apk


trackview apk

The top reason to use it over multiple spy devices is that you can use a trackview viewer because it is 100% free. However, You can use some paid features by downloading the trackview mod apk. But when we compare its utility with paid apps or gadgets, it is way more in the trackview app.


The camera of the trackview app is fantastic, as it can work in the background. You can see what the person is doing while using the phone without any clue. You can access both the phone’s front and back cameras.


trackview apk

You can enable the location feature in the phone to track the live location of the user’s phone. This feature is convenient in the case of kids. We can safely follow our kids to keep them out of danger even when not with them.

Motion sensing

Trackview app has a motion sensing technology which can sense motion without any extra technology. Also, this is a pro feature but can be seen in the trackview mod apk.

How to use trackview?

trackview apk

You have to login into both phones on your trackview apk with the same email, and then you can easily control with trackview apk

Is trackview safe?

Trackview apk follows the data protection laws of the European Union and California State data protection law. Thus your data is safe with trackview apk

Why is trackview removed from the Google Play Store

trackview apk

Recently trackview was removed from the Google Play Store for android as it has a high ability to spy on someone’s phone, but in my view, the app is highly safe to use.


It was our take on the trackview apk for android. Now it’s time to wrap up the post; we hope we have provided you with enough information about the trackview app.

Let’s take a quick recap of what we discussed

  • A brief introduction
  • Features
  • Free
  • Camera
  • Location
  • Motion sensing
  • FAQs.

My personal opinion 

I believe trackview is a great app, and You can use it for the safety and security of your loved ones.

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