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A secured wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies, buy & sell coins, send & receive crypto with Trust Wallet Apk.

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Name Trust Wallet
Package Name com.wallet.crypto.trustapp
Category Lifestyle  
Version 8.15.3
Size 83.2 MB
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated May 24, 2024

Trust Wallet Apk is a secured wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies safe. You can hold a variety of crypto in your wallet, and it supports the most of all popular currencies. It’s widely popular with the slang Bitcoin Wallet, but you can store any currency you want without any hidden fee.

The platform is free, and it offers you a variety of additional benefits also. You can view the price charts of currencies to find the flow of virtual coins and check and compare the old price with the current rates. This app allows you to exchange coins with your friends or known users.

Trust Wallet Apk

It’s easy to send and receive crypto through this app, as you get a unique wallet address to make transactions in seconds. If you’re into trading, you can buy or sell coins using the wallet money or by exchanging the currencies. It’s a safe place to keep all your crypto without worrying about hacks or online fraud.

About Trust Wallet Apk

Trust Wallet Apk is a secured wallet that lets you store your cryptocurrencies without any fee. You can view the price chart to know if it’s worth holding or if you should sell your currencies. Transfer or review crypto from your friends using the wallet address.

You can keep a record of all the transactions that you make through this wallet app. It’s a safe platform, and the customer support executives will help you with live chat support. You can trade with this app and buy or sell the currencies at a profit. It supports all the popular crypto, and you can change or exchange currencies with simple steps.

There will be no charges for trading, but if you want to convert your crypto into cash, you must pay a specific fee for the exchange. Trust Wallet is widely popular for keeping your coins safe because it allows you to put multiple locks and patterns on the app. And you must enter a security pin whenever you try to make a transaction to ensure that it’s you.

Highlights of Trust Wallet

  • Secured Wallet

It’s a secured wallet with multiple security pins and locks to keep your money safe. You can have different locks on the app, passbook, or while making transactions.

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  • View Price Flow

Daily chats allow you to check and compare the price flow of any crypto coins. It has all popular currencies’ data and lets you compare the current price with the old records.

  • Buy & Sell Crypto

With this app, you can buy and sell coins with simple steps. You don’t have to follow any lengthy procedure or need anything extra to make a trade. Select the currency you want to sell and sell it in the open market to get instant cash returns.

  • Send & Receive Crypto

You can use this wallet app to send or receive currencies from your friends. The app is available in all major countries, and you can send the coins to your foreign friends with one click.

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  • Support all Currencies

It has a list of currencies in the passbook that you can secure in this wallet. If you need extra safety support, you can get help from the 24/7 live support executives.

Final Verdict

Trust Wallet Apk is a secured wallet with all the trading and exchange benefits. You can hold your coins, see the price charts, compare the old rates, and sell your coins at higher stakes. There will be no hidden charges for these services, and you can keep your cash safe without worrying about fraudulent activities.

Reviewed by: Laila Karbalai

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