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UC Mini is a web browser which helps you download quicker compared to other browsers.

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October 27,2021


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UC Browser is one of the most downloaded and famous web browser app. UC Mini Apk is the lite version of UC browser app. It is quick and takes very less space on your device. UC Mini is generally used to save data as the UC browser takes loads of data to run. These apps were very famous 10 years ago. Almost half of the Android devices had UC Browser as the default browser. Since data was expensive back then, UC Mini came into place as it used to take very minimal space and data to run.

About UC Mini Apk

UC mini is a mini version of UC Browser. This app was developed by a Singaporean company called UC web Singapore Pvt. Ltd. UC mini is unavailable on the Google play store, but the UC browser is still present there. The reason behind the absence of UC mini can be higher competition on web browsers. UC mini has google as the search engine. Initially, it was using Baidu as a search engine, but currently, they use google.

UC Mini app

The reason behind the quick speed of UC mini is its compact size which takes less internet to run. Besides using UC mini as a search engine, you can also use it to share your files. From UC mini bookmarks and notification section, you can find numerous channels and websites where you can download songs and movies quickly.

Features of UC Mini Apk:

There are bunch of amazing features of UC mini apk, that includes:

  • Super Speed Download

UC Mini can help you download multiple files all at once at light speed as it doesn’t store much caches and cookies. The download speed of UC Mini is approved by the Singaporean web details report.

  • Share large files quicker

UC Mini also works as a file-sharing app which helps you send or receive large and multiple files easily and quicker compared to other file-sharing apps.

  • Incognito Mode

These days incognito modes are present in every web browser but initially, it wasn’t present. UC mini is one of the first app to come up with this. Hide your browsing details easily without any hindrance.

  • Night Mode

Night Mode features help a lot to save eye strain. It can change the of UC Mini from white to Black so that the eyes doest strain at night. There are many other themes available on the UC browser, but on UC mini, there’s only a night mode option.

  • Saves Data

With its small size, it also saves data by not saving any cookies and caches. This app is so clean and easy to use because of its lite usage of data. But these days, there is no issue regarding data usage, but still, those who have a lower net or slow internet can use it to increase their benefit.

  • Blocks ads

Ads are one of the most disgusting and uninteresting things, usually when it pops out of nowhere. UC Mini completely blocks all kinds of ads from its browser. Now you can read blogs or watch youtube videos without bothering about ads.

  • Child friendly

UC mini is easy to use. Kids up to 6 years old can also use it very easily. Since these days kids use mobile in mass, UC Mini came with the idea of parental locking, which makes browsing safe for young kids.

  • Fast Browsing

The browsing speed of UC mini is very impressive. When we compare UC mini with another browser on browsing speed. Hands down, UC Mini, wins every time.


UC Mini apk is a small and fast web browser loaded with tons of amazing features. This app can also be used as a file-sharing app. If anyone has queries related to the UC Mini app, then comment below. To get more features on your UC web browser, you can use the UC Browser app from

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