How To Make Video Call In WhatsApp Web In Laptop

Updated on April 15, 2022

We are going to discuss how can you make video calls in WhatsApp web in laptop. We extend features of WhatsApp on Android using mods like GBWhatsAppFMWhatsAppYOWhatsApp etc. WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular apps in the messaging and texting community, it is on the top list of all the apps, and most preferred messaging platforms around the world. For the time being its popularity has been increased drastically owing to the corona pandemic.

WhatsApp Web Video Call

How To Make Video Call In WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp video calling and voice calling feature is limited to app version for PCs and laptops, the browser version of WhatsApp video calling feature is still in the process, while a user can make voice and video calls by using certain emulators but that makes no sense of WhatsApp web, although the best option available is to use the WhatsApp app for laptop and PCs, it is the most user friendly and practically very easy to use.

User will not be able to distinguish the differences between the smartphone version of WhatsApp and the PCs version of WhatsApp, both are quite similar in user interface, in the recent update of WhatsApp the developers were already in the process and the testing of the beta version of WhatsApp web app which included video calling feature.

  • Open WhatsApp web and log in to your account.

  • Goto Chat screen of the person to whom you wish to make a video call.
  • Next hit the Attach button from the bottom left and click on Room.

  • You will see a pop-up, go ahead by hitting continue in messenger.

  • You will get a link, which you can share with your friends to make video calls.

Although the developers of WhatsApp work 24*7 in order to make the app more reliable and provide extensive features and functions and make user-experience much more alluring and user friendly, WhatsApp always in the process to continuously stay us updated with new features and updates of the app.

There is no denying the fact that WhatsApp has become one of the best messaging apps (although now it is not only a messaging and texting app, functionalities of WhatsApp has been extending over time) around the world that not only supports the smartphones based on Android operation system and iOS but in the recent development of WhatsApp, now a user can use WhatsApp on his laptop or PCs through the web browser available on his/her computer.

There are some intricacies while using WhatsApp on the web (referred to as WhatsApp web) the user will have to keep his/her smartphone connected to the internet while using WhatsApp web.


So, this is how you can make video calls through WhatsApp Web using your computer and laptop devices. Although this feature is limited to the app module of WhatsApp for PCs and laptops, for the browser versions of this feature is not yet available, all we can do is to wait and cross our fingers for it to be available as soon as possible.

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