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Effortlessly create and edit professional-looking videos on-the-go with this lightweight and user-friendly video editing apk.

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Name Video Lite
Package Name com.videolite.noadsvideodownloader
Category Video Players & Editors  
Version 7
Size 9.7 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated November 13, 2023

What is Video Lite?

Video Lite APK for Android is a comprehensive video editing application that provides users with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to edit their videos. With its powerful features, it allows you to create professional quality movies in minutes without any prior knowledge or experience of video production.

Video Lite apk

It offers various tools such as trimming clips, adding transitions between scenes, adjusting colour settings and more so that your movie looks perfect every time. You can also add music tracks from the built-in library or upload them directly from your device’s storage space if desired.

Furthermore, this app includes multiple export options which make sharing content on social media platforms effortless! Whether you are looking to impress friends by creating short films or just want some fun memories captured forever – Video Lite APK for Android has everything needed at hand!

Features of Video Lite for Android

Video Lite is an Android app designed to make editing videos easier and more efficient. With a range of powerful features, users can quickly create professional-looking video projects with ease.

Video Lite apk

From creating stunning effects to adding music and titles, Video Lite offers everything you need for your next project in one easy-to-use package. Whether you’re looking to edit home movies or produce high-quality films for the big screen, this intuitive mobile application makes it simple!

  • Ability to trim and cut videos.
  • Add music tracks from a library of songs or your own personal collection.
  • Option to adjust the volume levels for each track in the video.
  • Create transitions between clips with various effects such as fade, dissolve etc.
  • Adjust brightness, saturation & contrast settings on individual clips.
  • Apply filters like Sepia, Black & White etc.
  • Share edited videos directly via social media platforms.

Pros and Cons of Video Lite:

  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  • Quickly create videos with a wide range of editing tools.
  • Supports multiple video formats, including MP4, AVI and MOV.
  • Ability to add music or voiceover tracks from the device’s library.
  • Share edited videos directly on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc.
  • Offers basic colour correction features such as brightness/contrast adjustment.

Video Lite apk

  • Limited features compared to full-featured video editing apps.
  • May not be able to produce high-quality videos due to limited tools and capabilities.
  • No support for adding text, music or other elements to the edited video.
  • Difficult user interface which may require more time than necessary in order to learn how it works.

FAQs Regarding Video Lite for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Video Lite Apk! This app is designed with video editing beginners in mind, providing an easy-to-use interface and powerful tools that allow you to quickly create stunning videos.

Video Lite apk

Whether it’s a simple montage or something more complex like adding special effects, this app can help bring your vision into reality. Here we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about using Video Lite Apk so you can get started creating amazing content right away!

Q: What is Video Lite Apk?

A: Video Lite Apk is a mobile application that allows users to edit videos on their Android devices. It provides basic editing features such as trimming, cutting and merging video clips, adding music or voiceover recordings, applying transitions between scenes and more. The app also supports popular file formats like MP4 and MOV for easy sharing of edited creations with friends or family members online.

Video Lite apk

Q: How do I get started using the app?

A: Downloading the free version of the Video Lite App from the Google Play Store will provide you access to all its core features including creating new projects by importing media files directly from your device’s storage gallery or camera roll; and making cuts in footage.

Adjusting brightness/contrast levels; cropping images etc., along with options for exporting finished works in different resolutions up to HD quality (720p). Once installed simply tap the ‘Create New Project’ button at the top right corner & start exploring!

Video Lite apk


Video Lite Apk is a great application for anyone looking to edit videos quickly and easily on their Android device. It has an intuitive user interface, allowing users to make basic edits like trimming clips or adding text overlays in just minutes.

With its wide range of editing capabilities combined with its ease-of-use design, Video Lite Apk makes it easy for any video creator – from beginners all the way up through professionals – to create stunning content without having to invest heavily into expensive software packages or hardware setups.

Reviewed by: Bemuntar

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