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Virtual Android APK is a free app to create virtual space on your android phone.

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December 27,2022


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Virtual android apk is a fantastic app that can help you create a virtual space within your android mobile phone. Today we can use a virtual android in many ways; it works as a new phone instead of an app. It is an entirely new operating system. But before we get into the use and features of the virtual android apk, let’s understand the actual use of the operating system along with its history of it.

Virtual Android APK

At the beginning of the late 60s, devices which could perform a few actions, a binary system of 0 and 1, were invented. Still, as time passed, a severe need for an operating system emerged as everyone wanted to get a single interface to deal with multiple purposes. Now IBM was the first company which build an operating system which is majorly known as Unix, followed by Apple, which made Mac OS and the biggest hit of 90s windows 95.

Windows operating system made a leader in the computer market as the best operating system with many features and easy-to-understand functions. Apple later 2007 introduced iOS to mobile phones, followed by Google Android, which was an instant hit in early 2010. Now fast forward to today. Everything we use is 70 years of legacy, which is made bit by bit by thousands of inverters.

But what is a virtual operating system or a virtual android? As Developers built operating systems, there was a severe need to create a virtual environment to test apps which no one wanted to install on their pc, just like a sandbox. Here Many developers built various applications such as virtual Android, parallel space and dual space with developers to help them create their own space.

Features of Virtual Android APK

Virtual Android APK

Although there are many features we can discuss here, let’s first discuss a few top features here.

Easy to use

Virtual android apk is so easy to use that a school-going kid can use it to create clones of apps. In other words, there is no rocket science in creating your clone apps for free.

1click import

Importing apps in virtual Android is more accessible than other apps that provide similar functionality. Virtual Android is made for the mass audience, not tech enthusiasts. Thus, you can import all your apps to clone them with a single click.

Virtual Android APK

Virtual GPU independent

Most of the virtual space apps or app cloning apps use the same GPU used by the primary system; it leads to a reduced usage amount of GPU present, leading to GPU shortage and lagging. The virtual Android uses a virtual GPU from the Android storage. It makes your phone faster.

Multiple copies of the same app

Other apps like dual space and parallel space have only a single option to create your app clone, which means you can make only one app clone at a given time. Instead, when you use the virtual Android, it can create as many clones of a single app as you want.

Secure data policy

Virtual Android follows European data protection policies; thus, all the data is saved within the phone, and no information is taken to virtual android servers.


Virtual Android APK

Unlike other apps, which are made on a prebuilt framework, the virtual Android is built from scratch, thus providing you with way better stability for all devices.

Other features

  • Quick switching
  • Different languages


It was our take on the virtual android apk for Android; it is a must-have app for all Android users. Do tell us your views in the comment and share them with your friends. You can download more mod apk from latestmodapks.

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