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VirtualXposed lets users create a virtual space on the android device.

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August 31, 2022


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VirtualXposed is one of the most popular root apps for android devices. As you might be aware, Virtual Xposed lets you use some Xposed Modules with no need of rooting, unlocking the bootloader or flashing a custom system image. What makes the VirtualXposed app a better rooting solution, among others, is that it makes all the apps run inside the VirtualApp itself.

VirtualXposed Apk

VirtualXposed creates virtual spaces that can run the apps as plugins. So, Xposed modules can run in these parallel spaces without any need for Rooting, unlocking the bootloader or modifying the system image.

VirtualXposed App

This process is based on VirtualApp and Epic for the execution of Xposed Hooks. These are both open-sourced libraries. Epic encouraged Xposed to “hook” into their own java methods in applications. It is simply an application that can create virtual spaces in your device, through which you can run any APKs as plugins.


Features of VirtualXposed Apk:

  1. Run any app as a plugin: VirtualXposed lets you run any Apk in a virtual space as a plugin. So you don’t need to root any Apk, and also no need to worry about those apps interfering with your device. As the apk is inside the virtual space, your device outside the virtual space is completely safe.
  2. No rooting, no bootloader and no altering with the system image: You can create a virtual space using VirtualXposed. It requires no rooting on your device. You don’t even have to use any bootloader or alter the system image. 
  3. Use Game Guardian on VirtualXposed: Game Guardian is a well-known game hack/modification tool for Android devices, which lets you alter the money, count of coins, HP, SP, and more of any game. You can use Game Guardian through VirtualXposed parallel space without rooting, which makes the usage even safer and easier.
  4. Play any game in Virtual space: you can simply install any game on VirtualXposed and play the game in virtual space without rooting or signing up.
  5. You can also use YouTube Adaway: you can use YouTube Adaway on VirtualXposed without rooting. So you can enjoy watching your favourite videos on YouTube without any ads. Entertainment without interruption. Also, you can download youtube videos directly to your device.
  6. Supported on many devices: VirtualXposed is supported on almost every android device. So you can use it to create your own virtual space on mobile phones and tablets with the android operating system.
  7. Safety is the priority: VirtualXposed is an extremely safe-to-use app. As it requires no rooting and it doesn’t even alter the system image, your device is completely safe. It won’t even modify any system partitions. It just acts as a sandbox environment that won’t interfere with your usual applications or the system.


Advantages and Disadvantages


VirtualXposed Apk helps you access all custom settings in the system without rooting your android device. It allows users to change the functionality of automated setup with VirtualXposed modules.


You cannot dump or change the parameters of Xposed Hooks right now in this app.



VirtualXposed is a great app for running APKs as plugins. This app creates a virtual space for all your apps and lets you edit its intrigued system on your device. It’s completely safe and free to use. 

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