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Make clone of your apps, create a private space on your phone, hide important files with VPhoneGaga Apk.

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Name VPhoneGaga
Package Name com.vphonegaga.titan
Category Tools  
Version 4.1.1
Size 956 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated June 12, 2024

If you want to hide your files or use multiple social accounts on a single device, this app is the crucial answer to your problem. Download VPhoneGaga Apk to create a parallel space where you can clone your system apps or download different applications without letting anybody know.

VPhoneGaga Apk

You can use multiple WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other social app accounts. Create a clone of the app that you want and register with a new number, the notifications will be safe, and nobody can guess about the private space. It won’t impact your operating system and will let you switch between the two areas smoothly.

About VPhoneGaga Apk

VPhoneGaga Apk is a virtual machine tool to help you create a personal space on your smartphone. In this space, you can clone your system apps or download new applications from the play store or third-party websites. Create a parallel space on your device, and nobody would know about it except you. You can secure the area with locks and patterns so nobody can access your files.

This app offers a smooth experience to the users, and you can switch between these two worlds within a blink of an eye. It’s a safe spot to hide your apps that you don’t want to share with your family or the public. VPhoneGaga Apk doesn’t need root access to perform such actions, and you only have to assign some RAM and memory to the Virtual Machine so that it can work smoothly.

Key Features of VPhoneGaga Apk

  • Create Private Space

In this app, you can create a private space to install any app you want. Nobody can find personal space; if they ever do, you can secure the area by adding password protection locks.

VPhoneGaga Apk 3

  • Clone Multiple Apps

You can make clones of any app from your system; this way, you can install two WhatsApp Accounts on one single device and use them simultaneously without any risk.

  • Hide Important Files

You can also store your important data and files in private to keep them safe from children or the public. You can transfer the files from your people to your personal space with only one click.

  • No Root Required

The app doesn’t ask you to root your device to install the app, and this app is available for all android smartphones. You’ll get regular updates, which will work smoothly on your smartphone.

VPhoneGaga Apk 2

  • Support Multiple Language

In this app, you’ll get options to change language, and there are 16 languages available in the settings that are available for the switch. You can set any language as your default, and the app will restart and start working with that particular language.

  • 100% Secured Platform

It’s a safe platform, and you don’t have to worry about losing your data in any way. You can protect your data by setting up locks and passwords on the private space, a particular app, or the file manager.


VPhoneGaga Apk is a virtual machine for android that lets you create clones of pre-installed apps or download apps from third-party sources in a private space. This app is too helpful for family guys to keep their data hidden from the hands of children or their partners.

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