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Vpnify is the best VPN app for Android.

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Do you know it’s very easy to hack or get hacked in this digital world due to the availability of personal data that every app can access! Whenever you open your smartphone or laptop and search for anything, your IP address and location are readily available to those websites and applications.

This might not be problematic for you until your sensitive data is breached. To be on the safe side of this digital world use Vpnify Mod Apk, which gives you a safe and secure browsing journey.

How does Vpnify Mod Apk work?

vpnify mod app

Vpnify Mod Apk is a secure and easy to use VPN app. It has 24×7 active customer support. The Vpnify app is compatible with multiple devices. String encryption protocols secure your connection and data, resulting in 100% privacy. Vpnify app doesn’t require registration or logging in. Start your VPN by opening the app directly and enjoying the fastest VPN experience without signing up.

There are more than 30 countries and 200 IP addresses to connect to your server. Your mobile device will automatically connect to that autoselected country’s server and IP by tapping on connect. You can tunnel all apps that you want to use Vpnify from settings.

Vpnify premium app will also block ads from the browsers as well as apps on your device. If any application is unsafe for your device, the Vpnify mod app will quickly detect and activate the kill switch. If you want a new country as a server that is not present in vpnify, you can vote for that new location directly and get that asap on your device.

Features of Vpnify Mod apk

Get detailed info about the features of the Vpnify Mod apk below!

Vpnify mod apk

No bandwidth usage limitations: Vpnify is the only app which has no bandwidth usage limitations for VPN. This increases the NetFlow and speed of the internet on your mobile device.

Stable connection: Unlike other VPN based apps, Vpnify mod apk doesn’t break the connection between heavy browsing or downloading. Vpnify has a stable connection no matter which server or IP you use.

Vpnify mod apk

No Registration: The one-tap connection without registration makes Vpnify unique and intuitive for everyone. No registration, No logging in, no unnecessary passwords to remember, just a simple and intelligible user interface that a four-year-old child can operate. With no registration, your personal data is safe. Vpnify mod apk doesn’t record your browsing history too. Get started with Vpnify just after installing it on your mobile or tablet.

Vpnify mod apk

Completely ad-free : The free version of vpnify has ads if you download it from the play store. But here, you will get premium unlocked with the Mod version for free. Vpnify mod apk is completely ad-free.

Use on multiple devices : Vpnify works on all kinds of devices, whether it’s IOS or Android. You can also find its PC version, similar to the smartphone and tablet version of the Vpnify mod apk.

AdBlock for all apps via VPN : This app not just secures your data but also works as an AdBlock and removes all unnecessary ads popping up while you are reading an article or playing games. AdBlock of Vpnify works on all apps as well as browsers.

Highly secure AES Encryption : VPN with AES encryption is the safest out of all including DNS. Encryption creates a tunnel between user and server that changes the IP address and user details. VPN encryption makes your browsing data or unreadable due to highly secure Encryption protocols.

Vpnify mod apk

Kill switch protection : Many apps are highly insecure and harmful because they breach your data and information, which leads to data leaks or device hacks. Vpnify Kill switch mode helps you recognize those apps and protect your data and device with kill switch protection.

Vpnify mod apk

30+ locations with 200+ IPs : There are more than 30 countries which you can choose from with 200+ IP addresses which makes the Vpnify mod app highly secure VPN app with more diverse Servers to choose.

Final verdict

Vpnify mod apk is a Hongkong based app which gives a secure browsing experience. There are currently 1.1 Million active users of the Vpnify app right now. The best part about vpnify app is that you don’t have to log in every time like other apps. Just open the app and tap to connect Vpn.

The IP and servers are quite diverse and more profound than any other VPN app. Vpnify app is more secure as it uses DNS encryption which is impossible to crack. Vpnify also works as an adblocker. So download the Vpnify mod apk and get similar mod and premium apps on

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