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WCC2 is a best cricket simulation game for all android users.

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Name WCC2
Package Name com.nextwave.wcc2
Category Sports  
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Version 4.0
Size 726.4 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated September 24, 2023

3.3 / 5. Vote count: 8

WCC2 Mod APK is a trending keyword these days. We Indians have a different passion for cricket. Today for all our cricket fans, we will provide you with the best game. The WCC2 has everything which a cricket player will ever need in a game. 


For Indians, cricket is not just a game. It’s a feeling. Big players like Sachin Tendulkar are treated like gods. Well, cricket is a game where 11 players in each team play with a bat and ball. The one who scores more runs wins the match.

With a whopping population of 1.4 Billion, cricket fans in India are on the next level. For example, in the recent India-Pakistan game, the live watching of the match was 10 million on the Hotstar app itself.

Think how crazy fan-following is there for cricket. Most Indians are Android users, but there aren’t any good cricket games serving this big community. Well, there aren’t cricket matches every day. Thus fill The NEXT WAVE MEDIA launched the gap WCC (WORLD CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIP ) game. Due to the success. Of the first part of the game, the 2nd part was also released. 

Features of WCC2 Mod APK

Best Simulations


In the 2000s, everyone knew that there should be a cricket game which should serve the public. There was this small cricket game in the early 2000s when there was no Android in most Samsung and Nokia phones. But as time evolved, the Java phones changed to Samsung phones. But the game didn’t change until 2017 when WCC was launched. After that, WCC2 Mod APK became the most downloaded cricket game ever.

Although there are many other cricket games, the quality of simulation of real players provided in this game is no match. You will never feel that you are not on the ground while playing this game. It is because the game has copied the actual ambience of the cricket match.

Different teams


WCC2 Mod APK has a feature where you can choose from multiple teams. You can easily find all the cricketing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Thus you can choose from a list of players as different countries have different sets of players. For example, if you like a team, say Australia, you can easily find Australia, and WCC2 will provide a replica of the actual playing 11 with extra players for you. Here you can do tweaks like choosing your team out of all players.

Variety of matches. 


It is another feature which most other cricket games lack. In WCC2 Mod APK, you can also play two overs to an entire tournament. You can find a blue button on the app with short match text as PLAY A QUICK MATCH. By playing a quick match, you can quickly learn new skills and new cricketing shots. No experience points are added to your profile for playing the short game. The only issues are when you play an entire tournament.

Hindi commentary

We Indians love our national language. Listening to Hindi commentary is a feeling for most of our Indian audience. In Hindi, you get commentary by Aakash Chopra. And we all know how fantastic his words feel while streaming the match.


We believe the WCC2 Mod APK is worth trying for all the cricketing fans. There are many alternatives to the app, but most of them are not worth it compared to WCC. While other apps still use childish graphics and gameplay experience, the WCC has scorching stuff. Every Cricket enthusiast must try the game once. Let us know your views about the latest app of WCC2. You can also find other games on our website LATESTMODAPKS.

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