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Weather Timeline is an advanced weather app with accurate weather information.

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Name Weather Timeline
Package Name
Category Weather  
Version 12.4.15
Size 15.2 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated April 21, 2023

Weather is unpredictable. One moment it looks like it’s very hot and the next moment it rains. No one can surely say what will be the weather an hour after or the next day or the next week. But there’s something that can actually tell you the weather of your location and several other locations after an hour, for the next day, for the next week, and so on.

Isn’t it amazing that you would be knowing the weather details beforehand and will be prepared accordingly? For example, if you know it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, you’ll take an umbrella with you when you leave your house. We even wear clothes according to the weather. Suppose you didn’t know it’s going to be very hot tomorrow and you wear full-sleeved clothes, you’ll really wonder what you’d known already. So, in all these cases it is very important to know the weather conditions.

There are many Apps on the market that tells you the weather conditions but the best one is the Weather Timeline APK. It is an amazing App which tells the weather forecast in the form of a timeline so that you can easily understand it. Let’s read what exactly is this application.

Weather Timeline

What Is Weather Timeline APK?

Weather Timeline APK is an application that tells you the weather conditions in a timeline. It is an amazing weather application and has been developed by one of the top developers at Google Play Store, Sam Ruston.

This App gives you the information of weather at the very moment or the next hour, or the next 24 hours. It can also show you the weather forecast of next 48 hours or the next week even! For outlining the weather conditions, it focuses on the color also. This App is very easy to use and has an elegant design. It also has many graphs and charts so that you can easily understand the temperature and rain conditions.

Also, Weather Timeline App has many languages that it supports. It shows the weather for almost every location. You need to first select your location to get the updates. It will send you weather alerts and warnings related to your location. Now, let’s see some amazing features of this application.

Weather Timeline

Features Of Weather Timeline APK

Here are some really nice and unique features of this app which will force you to download it now.

  • This App has Face Watch through which you can view different data by just tapping on it. This is a really good feature by the developers.
  • It uses timeline format to show the weather forecast which makes it easier to understand the weather forecasts.
  • It has Android wear support.
  • This App supports multiple languages so that you can view the weather in different languages if you’re from any country.
  • For outlining the weather conditions, it focuses on colors. Use of colors and images is a really nice way of telling the weather conditions.
  • You can select your location to receive all weather alerts and warnings related to your location. And it shows the weather of almost every location. You can view weather of up to any number of locations you wish to.
  • It shows you the detailed weather forecast of the next hour, the next 24-hours, the next 48-hours or the complete next week.
  • An amazing design which is user-friendly.
  • Uses graphs and charts to explain temperature and rain conditions.
  • Many customization options.
  • The table layout is available in this App.
  • It has multiple weather providers.
  • It has a very colorful and understandable design unlike all the other weather apps which are monotonous and all of the same boring design.
  • It uses little graphics and timelines for various things so that it looks nice while using this App.

This App is supported on all Android phones with Android versions greater or equal to 4.0 Ice-Cream sandwich. Now, let’s see how to download this amazing App to view all the weather forecast beforehand.

How To Download Weather Timeline Apk For Android

The process to download this App is very easy. You just need to follow the steps below and you will have the Weather Timeline APK on your phones to know all that weather forecast beforehand.

  • This App is not available directly on the Google Play Store. So you need to download it from external links.
  • To download Weather Timeline APK on your Android devices.

Weather Timeline

  • After the Apk has been downloaded on your phone, you need to install the App from your downloads. Go to downloads and install the Weather Timeline Apk on your devices.

Weather Timeline

  • If the App is not getting installed, Go to Settings and then Security and check Installation from Unknown sources is enabled or not. You need to enable it to allow installation of this app.
  • After the App has been installed, you can open it and use this amazing App to know all the weather forecasts up to the entire week beforehand.

So, this was very easy. There is no complicated process to download it. You just need to have the right link. Many links available on the internet are not secure and can contain the virus in them. So, you need to check before downloading the App. The link provided here is virus free and is completely safe for your Android devices.


So, this was all about the Weather Timeline APK and its features and how to download it on your Android devices. You can use this App in every situation as it is very helpful. You’ll no longer get in trouble if suddenly it starts raining or it is very hot because you’ll be knowing it all a day before. So, download and use this App to predict the unpredictable weather conditions. Although the download process is very simple and we have provided you with the direct download link, still if you face any troubles downloading it you can write in the comments below.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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