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Wecatch is a great app to get rare Pokemons for free.

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February 6, 2023


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Everyone now once must have travelled between the natural world and the virtual world to find Pokemon in the Pokemon go game. Pokemon go is an augmented reality-based mobile game launched for both iOS and Android devices by Nintendo and the Pokemon company on July 6, 2016. It has been downloaded 500 million times all over the world.

This game was a massive success and won several awards soon after its launch. Wecatch apk proved to be the best appliance for Android devices to catch the Pokemon in the Go game. With the help of the wecatch apk, one can find rare Pokemon and connect or share it with friends. The Wecatch app also provides Push Notifications for the location of Pokemon.

The Pokemon go game gives a map where players have to find a rare Pokemon, but because of high competition between the players, it’s challenging to find a rare Pokemon, so seeing them alone is a tedious job. However, in the wecatch app, one can easily track Pokemon in the team.


We catch launched for Android devices, which provides a map and radar for the Pokemon go game to catch rare Pokemon. It is entirely safe for your device and can be easily installed.

As many versions are available, one might need clarification about getting the authentic app to keep your data safe and free from a virus. Here are the steps on how you can download the wecatch apk safely and easily

Features of wecatch apk 


Provides push notifications of rare Pokemon location

Whenever you get a rare Pokemon, you get push notifications on your phone about the Pokemon. This feature is helpful when you play the Pokemon Go game passively. It can sometimes get you gems. For example, I got a lot of great Pokemon by mistake while walking without any clue that I could get such rare Pokemon in such a place. 

It helps find rare Pokemon, gym, and raids within a given map


Suppose you go to school every day in a fixed way. With the help of the wecatch apk, you can find gyms and other rare Pokemons available on whatever day. Also, it can predict which Pokemon is best for you and which will be available in your desired place

One can share Pokemon location with friends 

Sometimes you are busy doing some work and still want a Pokemon, so here, wecatch can present you with a great solution. You can share the location of the Pokemon with your friend so that your friend can get the Pokemons for you.


Compatible with the latest version of Android

Wecatch apk is right now compatible with Android 5.0 Lolipop to android 13. it is one of the best features that make the app handy and easy for all Android users. Also, the app is based on a low data mode. Thus wecatch apk does not need much data to function. It can work only with a small amount of data.

Safe And Secure

As the wecatch apk is unavailable on the Play Store, one may doubt whether the app is safe. Today 10 million people are using the wecatch apk, and everyone is happy with the game with zero complaints.

No ads

wecatch apk has no ads, and the user experience is very smooth for every user.


It was our take on the wecatch apk apk. in our opinion, one must try out the app to get new Pokemons without any extra effort. Tell us your views in the comment section, and for more such apps, follow the latest mod apks.

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