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WhatsApp Status Saver, change chat background, find stickers, and much more in Whats Web Apk.

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September 17, 2022


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Do you want to use your WhatsApp account on your secondary device without uninstalling it on the previous device? It means you can use the same WhatsApp account on two different smartphones. Whats Web Apk is a free tool that can help you scan QR codes and get instant access to your account on any device you want. Earlier, we used to open the webpage for the same process, but now you can install the app and get some extra benefits. It has a vast collection of stickers, GIFs, and background images to make your chat screen even more attractive than ever.

About Whats Web Apk

Whats Web Apk lets you use your single WhatsApp account on two different devices. You only have to install this app and scan the QR Code through your original WhatsApp application, and that’s it. All the chats, groups, and call features will be available on your secondary device with the primary. You can send messages, Docx, and media files anytime, and the changes will reflect on both devices. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your WhatsApp if you have multiple smartphones.

Not only this, Whats Web Apk offers many more unique features to the users. You can improve your conversation skills by sending GIFs and stickers to your friends. Find a collection of amazing sticks in the Whats Web Apk, and with only one click, you can add the package to your WhatsApp account.

Features of Whats Web

Read the below bullet points to know more about the Whats Web Apk.

  • Management Tool

It can be a helpful tool to manage your texts through multiple devices so you don’t miss any essential texts when you’re not in touch with your primary device.

  • Business Leads

Handle your business through WhatsApp, schedule meetings, and send Docx and reports through any device to your friends.

  • Find New Friends

If you’re bored with your current friend list, you can add more new friends with this app. It has an option to explore the nearby users and add them to have a conversation.

  • Stickers Collection

Find unique stickers for moods, sad, romantic, couple-friendly, and funny meme templates.

  • Save Status & Profile Picture

This app can save the other person’s profile picture and status. It will let you download the videos in high quality.

  • Daily Quotes

Get a dose of daily quotes and wishes to start your day with warm wishes. Subscribe to broadcast channels for more unique services.

How to Use the Whats Web Apk?

  • Install the app through the Play store or our website.
  • Open the app you’ll find a QR code on the homepage of your app.
  • Go to your primary WhatsApp account and click on the options icon. It’s on the top right side of the header.
  • You’ll find an option called “Linked Device.”
  • Click on it and hit the Link a Device button.
  • Now the scanner will open, and you must scan that QR Code.
  • That’s it, and now your account is available on both devices.


Final Words

Suppose you have doubts about Whats Web Apk or the installation process. Let us know about it, and we will surely guide you to solve your issues.

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