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Whatsapp Omar apk is an advanced version of WhatsApp with many unlocked features.

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WhatsApp Omar

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60.8 MB

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5.0 and up

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November 20, 2022


3.5 / 5. Vote count: 13

WhatsApp Omar apk is a modified version of regular WhatsApp developed by Omar Badib. This app has advanced features like unseen the message or recovering deleted texts. You can also download the Whatsapp Status directly. Whatsapp Omar is also known as OBWhatsapp. You can find different coloured themes and emojis of all kinds. Whatsapp Omar is specially made for Arabic-speaking countries. Normal Green WhatsApp doesn’t support Arabic themes properly most of the time. This is why Whatsapp Omar came up with this idea.

What is WhatsApp Omar Apk?

WhatsApp Omar is an advanced version of green WhatsApp with different colour themes. Whatsapp Omar Apk is Pink in colour. Other versions have other colours like burgundy, Black, Blue and Yellow. There are 10+ types of font available in Whatsapp Omar. Arabic Font is messed up in regular WhatsApp, but that has been cleared by Whatsapp Omar.

Features of WhatsApp Omar App:

Whatsapp Omar also known as OBWhatsapp is one of the most used whatsapp mod in the middle east. Here are some of the most basic and unique features of Whatsapp Omar.

  • 10+ different colour themes
  • Supports 20+ languages
  • different font styles for arabic language
  • Automate your text messages
  • Use text bot to schedule your messages
  • 1005 safe to download
  • Retrieve deleted messages
  • View deleted messages
  • Share HD Images
  • Share High quality videos
  • Share videos up to 2 min in status
  • Hide double tick
  • Hide seen message notification
  • Hide call logs
  • Pause audio message while recording
  • Download WhatsApp status
  • Instant Arabic Translation
  • Arabic Theme


Whatsapp Omar apk has an online translation for Arabic and many other languages. Those who are living in the middle east and does not have knowledge of the Arabic language can use this version of WhatsApp make to make their tasks easy. This WhatsApp have auto recovery for deleted messages. You can also download WhatsApp status directly in high quality.


This app is developed by an individual developer, and it is unofficial Whatsapp that’s why the safety of data is still questionable. The second disadvantage is that this app does not have a payment system as you can find in the current green WhatsApp.


Whatsapp Omar Apk is one of the most famous mod app of WhatsApp in the middle east and south-east Asian countries. This WhatsApp has a translation feature for many languages. This app is specially used in the middle east due to its accurate Arabic translation and support of the Arabic language in the WhatsApp theme. The themes are available in many different colours, but the most famous one is the pink and burgundy colour theme. Download Whatsapp Omar apk and amaze your friend with its advanced features.

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