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Words with Friends 2 Classic is an exciting word-building game for Android.

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Name Words with Friends 2 Classic
Package Name com.zynga.words3
Category Arcade  
Version 24.01.02
Size 196.8 MB
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated July 18, 2024

Words with Friends 2 Classic is a popular Android game developed by Zynga. It is the sequel to Words With Friends, one of the most successful word games of all time. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times and continues to be one of the top-rated Android games on Google Play Store.

The objective of Words with Friends 2 Classic is simple: make as many words as you can from an assortment of letters in order to score points. Players take turns making words, and each letter used earns them points based on its rarity. There are also bonus tiles that give extra points for using certain combinations or longer words. Additionally, players can challenge their friends or random opponents online via Facebook Connect or Game Center integration.

Players have access to several helpful tools such as a dictionary lookup feature which allows them to check if a word they’ve made is valid, and an “undo” button which lets them go back a move if they realize they’ve made a mistake. There are also leaderboards so players can compare their scores against others around the world or within their own circles of friends.

In addition to classic mode, there are other variations available including Speed Mode where players must create words quickly before time runs out; Solo Challenge Mode where players compete against computer AI; and Word Streak Mode where two teams battle it out head-to-head while trying to form more words than their opponent in limited moves.

Overall, Words with Friends 2 Classic is an enjoyable way for users to test their vocabulary skills while competing against real people all over the world. Its vibrant graphics, easy controls, and wide variety of game modes make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for some casual fun on their mobile device.

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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