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Maxim Karpenko

WorldBox Mod Apk is a simulation game where you can create the world.

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November 20,2022


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We all, at some point, wanted to hold the power of god and wanted to experience how to have our own small world where we could plan everything and create the best empires. WorldBox is such an app where you can create and destroy anything which a simple click. WorldBox Mod Apk is a simulation game where you control the world and fill Humans, animals, plants and other creatures to make it mimic the Earth.

WorldBox Mod Apk

The gameplay is very simple; with one finger, you can move around and watch humans and use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out of the world. You can find all powers at the bottom of the screen, where you can choose to do whatever you want on your planet. You can also save the game to play it later from the same scenario. If you don’t save, then your current story will get deleted once you close the game from the screen.


You can create rules and customise them to run the world. Land and soil types available will help you create extra land and create your own design of landmass. There are many monsters and creatures available such as zombies, Tumor, Cyber core, White Mage, dragons and much more, that you can unleash on humans to destroy their empire.


Key Features of WorldBox Mod Apk:

In the WorldBox game, you can simulate the life of humans and creatures by modifying the rules, creating natural disasters, adding new land and biomes, helping your favourite character become king and much more. Learn more about the features of WorldBox Mod Apk below:

  • Create World: You can design the land or choose from the available ones. Add humans, animals, plants, and fruit bushes like in the real world. Basically, you will have app functions that will make you the god of the World in this game.
  • Fill humans and creatures: This game has four types of humans available. Humans, Dwarfs, Elves and orcs are some of the basic creatures who will create their own land. Besides this, there are 20+ creatures who either support humans or kill them. Basically, Zombies, Dragons, necromancers, and Skeleton will harm the kingdoms and kill humans.
  • Change Climate and Plantations: There are many types of tree and biome seeds available in this game. You can create grassland, desert, swamps and much more with one click. To grow your plants quicker, add fertiliser.
  • Destroy the World: There are multiple ways to harm or destroy the world. You can use Meteors, Atomic Bombs, Creatures, God’s fingers and much more to end human lives in the game. To completely destroy the land and lives, you can use nanobots.
  • Watch them grow their Empire: Once you put humans in the land, they will start building homes and empires. You can watch them cutting trees and building houses. You can also help them create new kingdoms.
  • Get Accurate Stats: You can track the kings and their empire growth. How many people they have, no. of staving population, and much more detailed stats are available in WorldBox Mod Apk.

Mod Features: 

  1. No Ads: There will be no ads in the mod app, and you don’t have to watch ads to unlock creatures.
  2. All Creatures Unlocked: All premium creatures like Biomass, Druitt, Dragon, Skeleton, Dwarfs, Orcs, Elves and all other creatures will be unlocked.
  3. All Powers Unlocked: Superpowers such as volcanoes, Lava Cloud, Meteorite, Nano Bots and others are unlocked.


WorldBox Mod Apk helps you create a virtual world where you can act as you got. You can create a new life and destroy it with natural calamities such as storms, acid rain, earthquakes, etc. You can also add creatures like Zombies, Necromancer, Snowman and others to make this game challenging. Download WorldBox Mod Apk and experience being a god on your android device.

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