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Yuka is a food scanner that tells you whether or not a food is healthy for you.

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November 16, 2022


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Yuka Premium Apk is a French smartphone application that helps you choose a healthy lifestyle. These days food packages and cosmetics have quite appealing taglines which prove that it is healthy and safe for the body and skin. But half the ingredients and additives aren’t written on those food packages or cosmetics. Harmful ingredients such as preservatives and additives can prolong the life of packaged food, but it also degrades the quality of the food.

Get detailed information for more than 1.5 Million Packaged food products and 500K Cosmetics products. Analyse the health data by scanning packaged products on Yuka premium Apk and get a healthier alternative to scanned products. Scan barcodes present in the package and get a detailed report on the dangerous chemicals present in it and how they can affect your health. Users can scan packets of foods, deodorants, cosmetics products, soda bottles and every other packaged product that you’re going to intake or apply to your body or skin.

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Yuka Premium apk shows the negatives as well as positive specialities about the product. There’s a rating system that tells whether food or cosmetics is good or bad; it generally ranks between 1 to 100. The lowest rank means it’s hazardous, and a high rank equals to healthy.

Rank is given to that packaged product by getting detailed information about ingredients. Yuka app also tells you about the hazardous elements in your food and cosmetics with scientific sources.

How does Yuka app work?

Yuka Apk is the need of an hour. It’s hard to get organic and farm-grown products these days. Most products have some additives and preservatives to make that packaged food fresh for longer. But Those preservatives are harmful to the human body.

A small amount of hazardous preservatives might not be harmful, but daily eating the same product will deteriorate your health and weaken your immune. With more than 29 Million users around France, the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada, etc., users of the Yuka app are growing every day.

Yuka premium apk

Yuka premium app scans the barcode and analyses the food products. It gives rank to every product that you scan according to European Nutriscore value. Yuka app has data for more than 3 million products, mainly from Europe and US.

They daily add 800 new products to the Yuka app. In the analysis, you will find the positives and negatives of each product. Negatives mainly show fat, additives, sugar and sodium levels of that particular food.

Start using the yuka app if you care about your health and want to buy better products but cannot find a suitable recommendation for a healthier alternative. This gives you a healthy alternative for each product you scan. This way, you can easily choose and buy healthier products for yourself and your family. Harmful products generally lead to infection, allergy and low immunity, which leads to multiple diseases. You can trust on Yuka app as it is a 100% independent project and does not influence any brand.

Features of Yuka Premium APK:

  1. Scan packaged food and cosmetics
  2. Analyse food products
  3. Choose the right products for your health
  4. Recommendations of better alternative
  5. Add products to favourites
  6. History of scanned products
  7. Search history alternatives
  8. Get detailed overview
  9. Flashlight mode to scan in dark
  10. Offline mode in premium version
  11. Search any products by their name
  12. Best support from Yuka team
  13. Eye-catching user interface
  14. Scan details of up to 1.5 million products
  15. 500k cosmetics products
  16. No ads
  17. No brand influence


Yuka premium apk helps you examine the product quality according to its health benefits ratio. It mainly scans packages of food and beauty products and rates them from zero to a hundred on their nutritional and health value. Get healthy alternatives recommendations for the products you scan this way, and you can buy a healthier product and start living healthy.

Yuka app helps you buy better products for yourself and your family. Download the Yuka premium app from LatestModAPKs.com and start living a healthy lifestyle with nutritious and nourishing recommendations.

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