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Android is the most popular mobile OS around the world and a majority of smartphone users prefer buying an Android device over other mobile OS devices. The main reason behind this is the ease of usage and easy customization. There are tons of apps like BlackMart APK available for Android devices which can’t be found for any other mobile OS devices like iOS, BlackBerry, etc. Availability of apps isn’t why Android is popular but there are tons of customization options available for Android which can be used to change the look of the device. There are many customization apps available for Android and apart from that, you can also change the default layout and even the icon style using these apps. A simple search on the Google Play Store will give you a list of hundreds of such apps.

Among so many apps it becomes really hard to find the apps which actually provides some value to the users. Many apps are just resting on the Google Play Store, doesn’t offer much and users often end up downloading them the most. Most popular apps aren’t the most useful every time. There are many apps which are not available on Google Play Store but provides really good resources. One of them is Zooper Widget which was available on the Google Play Store but was taken down without any notice. This app had more than 1 million downloads from Google Play Store of the free version and about 100k downloads for the Zooper Widget Pro. Sudden disappearance has made users look for this app installation files so they can enjoy it even now.

Zooper Widget Pro APK Download

Here in this post we are going to tell you about Zooper Widget Pro APK 2019 and will provide you links to download Zooper Widget Pro latest version. This app is not available on the Google Play Store anymore, so if you want to use it then you will have to download Zooper Widget for Android mobile and tablet devices. This file requires manual installation and everything you need to know about Zooper Widget APK is shared below in this post, along with the installation steps. Zooper Widget is currently one of the best and easy to use widget apps for Android that can help you to change the look of your Android devices. It comes really handy when you want to add quick action buttons or widgets on the home screen of your phone.

Zooper Widget Pro APK Features

Customize As You Like – One of the best thing about the latest Zooper Widget paid APK is that you can use this app to customize your Android device home screen as you want. There are many types of widgets which can be created using this app and you can add an unlimited number of widgets to your home screen. If you are looking for a customization app for Android, then the Zooper Widget is a must-have app.

In-built Templates – Another good thing about Zooper Widget is that it comes with pre-built widget templates which you can use and get a whole new look of your home screen without doing anything. You can later change or delete the unnecessary widgets to get the look you want. So after doing Zooper Widget free download from this page, don’t forget to check out the Zooper Widget templates in the app.

Advanced Widgets – Apart from basic widgets like email, clock, calendar, etc. there are some advanced widgets available in Zooper Widget app which you can add on your Android home screen to get the best out of it. There are widgets for CPU usage, device temperature, disk usage and many more. It also allows you to add a weather widget which shows the weather of the coming 5 days.

Small In Size – Zooper Widget full version APK is very small in size and doesn’t eat much of your device resources like other widget apps for Android. This widget app comes with WYSIWYG functionality which makes customization easy and you can use it to create layered widgets for the home screen of your device. You can also disable custom widgets so they won’t load at the startup.

100% Free & Safe – There were 2 versions of Zooper Widget available on the Google Play Store, one was free while another was paid and cost around $2.99. Since this app is no longer available on the Play Store you will have to do Zooper Widget download for Android as an APK file and then install it manually. You don’t have to pay for the Zooper Widget pro APK as it is now available for free download.

Download Zooper Widget Pro APK 2019 | Zooper Widget Paid APK For Android

Now you know much about Zooper Widget pro 2019 and its time to provide you links to download Zooper Widget pro Android APK. Remember that you are going to download an APK file which requires manual installation. Apart from that, there are many Zooper Widget templates available over the internet and many of them comes pre-installed with this app so you can customize your Android right away. If you don’t know about that then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Enable “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option from Device Administration.

Install Apps From Unknown Sources

  • Click on the above link to download pro Zooper Widget for Android.
  • Save the file in your device storage and locate it.
  • Click on the Zooper Widget APK file and tap on Install.
  • Wait for the installation to finish and once it is done open the app.
  • You can now start creating widgets for your home screen or use the widgets that comes pre-installed with the apps.

Pro Zooper Widget Android Screenshots

Zooper Widget Pro APK

Zooper Widget For Android

Zooper Widget Full Version APK

Zooper Widget APK Pro

Zooper Widget Paid APK

Final Words

So this is all about Zooper Widget pro APK 2019 and we hope you are able to download Zooper Widget APK pro from this page. Do note that this file will work only with Android devices and you must consider using the latest version of this app to get all security and customization features. If you are looking for apps to customize your Android home screen, then you must try using Zooper Widget for Android.

You don’t really have to look for Zooper Widget alternatives when you can download Zooper Widget latest version pro APK from this page. Latest MOD APK will keep updating the download link with Zooper Widget pro latest APK version so keep visiting this page to know about Zooper Widget update. If you are facing any issues in downloading or using Zooper Widget 2019 then let us know about it via comments below.

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