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Adguard Premium blocks all kinds of malicious ads from your web pages and apps.

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Name Adguard Premium
Package Name
Category Tools  
Version 4.4.195
Size 57.7 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated May 21, 2024

Are you frustrated with annoying pop-up ads and malicious site redirections while browsing? This is a very common format of ads which you will find these days in apps as well as websites.

Those ads retrieve the device data and provide ads accordingly, but most of the time, these ads are filled with unnecessary substance. Adguard Premium Apk blocks all kinds of annoying ads and saves your device from data breaches by protecting your data.

AdGuard Premium APk

The Ads might contain harmful worms and trojans or can be used for phishing. Redirecting to new websites is also a type of ad which is completely blocked by the Adguard Premium App. 

This app is free of cost with an unlimited subscription that never ends. This app goes through DNS filtering, HTTPS filtering and content filtering to provide you with the best ad-free browsing result.

Adguard Premium App

Adguard Premium blocks the website redirection permanently by keeping the data of all ads. This app blocks not only the ads from websites but also from apps.

You can watch youtube without ads with the help of the Adguard Premium App. This app saves you from a lot of unnecessary ads and not only saves your time but also your data. 

Key Features of Adguard Premium Apk:

Adguard Premium App is the best ad-blocking app available for all devices. This app has tons of amazing features which will help you save your privacy and provide an ad-free growing experience. Read details about the Adguard Premium app below:

Ad free Browsing

 Ads are pretty common while browsing, but some websites completely ruin the browsing experience by redirecting to other pages or putting ads all over the page. Once you install Adguard Premium on your device, all ads will be removed permanently.

DNS Filtering

This is one of the premium services where all of the domains that you have been searching are recorded, and the ads from them are blocked through this method. DNS, also known as domain system name, can be found on every website. The redirected website will be blocked through the DNS filtering method.

Manage App data

Adguard Premium

App data, total traffic and data saved per app are recorded in this app. You can see how much data you have saved from which app. You can also change the app setting from Adguard Premium to make it more secure.

Multiple Themes

Adguard Premium

There are three themes in this app. There is also a colour-blind mode which changes the contrast of the theme to make everything visible for a colour-blind person. You can change the device language too.

Stealth Mode

Adguard Premium

Stealth mode protects the identity of the person online. Ads generally read personal information through your device when you click on them. They also track your data with the help of cookies and cache. Once you put stealth mode on your device, it will be highly safe to protect your online personal info.

Browsing Security

Adguard Premium

Phishing and malware protection is one of the most important parts of having safe browsing. There are many apps that use phishing to save your data and use that for illegal activities. The malware also has the ability to hang or destroy the software of your device completely. Adguard Premium provides you browsing security service which protects all security-related information.

HTTPS filtering

All web searches and browsing are saved and encrypted in the Adguard Premium app. It encrypts the HTTPS of all websites and authenticates and verifies the servers as safe or unsafe to open.

Final Verdict:

Adguard Premium Apk is a one-stop solution to get rid of apps permanently. This app uses a local VPN to filter HTTPS and content to remove all of the ads in advance.

In the premium version of Adguard Premium, you will get a safe browsing experience. You don’t have to root your android device to use Adguard Premium App. Download the Adguard Premium app and remove the ads from your device for free.

Reviewed by: Yazmine

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