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"Anatomy Learning - 3D Anatomy" is an interactive educational app that provides a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy through detailed 3D models and animations.

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Name Anatomy Learning
Package Name com.anatomylearning.anatomy3dviewer3
Category Education  
Version 2.1.431
Size 116.0 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated June 17, 2024

Anatomy Learning – 3D Anatomy is an Android app that provides a comprehensive and interactive way to learn about the human body. The app offers detailed 3D models of various anatomical structures, including bones, muscles, organs, and systems. Users can rotate, zoom in/out, and dissect these models to explore them from different angles.

The app features over 5000 high-quality images and descriptions for every structure in the human body. These images are accompanied by audio pronunciations and quizzes to test your knowledge. Additionally, users can create their own custom quizzes based on specific topics or regions of interest.

One unique feature of this app is its augmented reality mode, which allows users to overlay virtual anatomy models onto real-world objects using their device’s camera. This feature enhances the learning experience by providing a more immersive and hands-on approach.

Overall, Anatomy Learning – 3D Anatomy is an excellent educational tool for students studying medicine, biology, or any other related field. Its user-friendly interface and extensive content make it a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about the intricacies of the human body.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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