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Any Call Apk provides VOIP service and allows users to call anywhere worldwide for free.

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January 18,2023


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International calls are very expensive. You must have a separate international package if you want to call anywhere outside your country. But now you can call anywhere around them without any charge. Any Call Apk is a free international calling application. This app does not have any in-app purchases or hidden charges. You can easily earn credits in this app and use it to call worldwide.

Any Call Apk

The credits can be earned by daily checking in the app. Besides check-ins, you can also earn credits by watching ads. You can earn 10 to 200 points from video ads anywhere between that. In daily check-in, you can earn up to 500 points. You can use these credits to call anywhere you want. Every country has different rates. You can check your credit balance from the profile section.

Any Call Apk

There are more than 200 countries available in the Any Call Apk for calling. You can use WiFi to call for free if you don’t have internet. Besides calls, you can also do texting with free credits.  All new users will get 1000 credits that can be used for calls. The quality of phone calls is amazing, with crystal clear voice. You can call on landline and mobile with this app.

Key Features of Any Call Apk:

Any Call App is a free calling app developed by WiFi Calls & Phone calling Ltd. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. For signup, you can use your phone number or Gmail account. To learn more about the amazing features of Any Call Apk, read below:

Any Call Apk

  • International Calling: With Any Call Apk, you can do international calls without hidden charges or international calling packages. All you need is internet or WiFi. There are around 220 countries readily available for calling in this app. Each country has a different calling rate, which can be paid with credits you will get for free.
  • 200+ Countries Available: You can now call anywhere around the world easily with Any Call App. All you need is a daily check-in to earn credits which you can use for international calls. 
  • Call with WiFi: You don’t need calling data or an internet package to call. You can even use WiFi for calling purposes. To get crystal clear audio quality, you must have good internet or WiFi connection.
  • Clear and stable calling: Unlike other free or paid-to-call apps, Any Call Apk provide a stable network without call drops or unclear voice. Get a stable and clear connection with this app for absolutely $0.
  • No Hidden Charges: This app has no subscription or monthly fees. Only credits are needed for calls. There are no other hidden charges.
  • Free Credits: The credits are one of the main aspects of free calling. To get free credits, you can watch video ads. The best way to earn credits is daily check-in, which provides 20 to 500 credits daily.

Pros and Cons:


  1. You can call for unlimited minutes with free credits.
  2. Almost all major countries are available in this app for calling.
  3. The voice is always clear if the device has good internet or WiFi.


  1. You have to watch Ads to get free credits.
  2. This app does not have a recording option.
  3. You cannot call without the internet or WiFi.


Any Call Apk is a free VOIP calling platform. With this app, you can call anywhere around the world for free. For calls, you need credits that can be earned by watching video Ads and Daily check-ins. You can also get one notification for daily check-in to get calling credits. Every country has a different rate you can find by choosing a country on the calling pad. Download the Any Call Apk and do international calls for free.

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