7 Best Compass Apps For Android To Get Lost With

Updated on April 7, 2022

Who doesn’t love being out for a trek in nature. Who doesn’t want to be adventurous. It is beneficial to both nature and our body. In this City life, it is very essential to keep a connection with Mother Nature. People should go for hiking or trekking instead of shopping malls or some other place inside the city limit. Whenever you go outside the city limits or just want to go a nature’s trek with your family and friends, the handiest tool is a compass. A compass is an instrument which is used for orientation and navigation. It shows direction related to geographic directions. A diagram is drawn with all the Sides (east, west, north, south) labelled on it. A magnetic needle points direction in two ways i.e. North and South. You have to align the initials of North and South with the needle to know the direction.

There is also a compass which corresponds to number (degrees), where North points to 00, as the angles increase, the numbers corresponding to it also increases. So, 90denotes East, 180denotes South, and 270denotes West. This is a physical appearance of a compass. Relying on certain physical device during an outdoor adventure may still sound good. Compass have become more and more outdated as and when slowly and slowly mobile phones and GPS device is taking over the market. Nowadays no one carries a compass with themselves instead they would prefer a pocket free and handy instrument. Smart phones have become a handy tool in today’s world. You can download various compass applications which will be very handy and easy to access.

best compass apps android
best compass apps android

A compass tells you about your position in relation with rest of the world. This gadget becomes handy as it can show the direction if you have lost in the nature’s jungle. A reliable compass may lead to life and death. A compass is now available in digital form where you can download the application and use anywhere. There is no need to have a magnetic sensor in your mobile phone. With progression in technology, compasses have grown from a thin needle to liquid filled magnetic capsules. So have a look at best compass apps for Android from below.

Top Compass Apps for Android

Compass Pro

This compass application is completely free, fast with a simple yet beautiful display which supports High Definition display. This application can be used by professionals as well as by amateurs. It shows real time real time orientation to magnetic fields. This app displays many information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, location, magnetic field, barometric pressure.

Download Compass Pro

Compass 360 Pro

This application directly depends on your devices performance. All the compass won’t work properly in all the areas. Well, this application can work well in all the areas. So, if the compass application is not working properly then there will be some fault with the device. This app allows you to lock and unlock your coordinates. There are also many different skins available for the compass. It also has a built-in GPS, with longitude and latitude, and also it has altitude calibration.

Download Compass 360 Pro

3D compass pro

As the name suggests, 3D compass pro is a 3-Dimensional or a 3D compass. It is augmented with a reality view. 3D compass is a very innovative idea to make a compass look very beautiful and accurate. It makes possible to take you back to bearings view. The developers made a great job by making this real time compass which can rotate automatically and provide information. Some goof features include degrees count, headings, front-facing camera and address tracker.

Download 3D Compass Pro

Marine Compass

When you are travelling in a boat or a ship then it is very important to have a compass with you. Marine compass is the right compass application to have with you. This app features a 3-Dimensional black compass with a huge text labelling all the headings. Marine Compass renders in a 3-Dimensional image with some additional features. This can set a display location with the help of GPS coordinates. You can also set the compass to the home screen.


Download Marine Compass

Accurate Compass

Accurate compass gives a realistic 3-Dimentional view like the traditional physical compass. This app is quite easy in usage regarding navigation. The best part about this app is that you do not need to hold your mobile on a flat surface. It will work as good as while you hold your mobile parallel to the ground. This app uses magnetometer for accuracy so the device must not be affected by any magnetic fields. It should be kept away from all electronic devices as much as possible.


Download Accurate Compass

AndroiTS Compass Free

This is a full screen compass application with a digital console. It similarly resembles a swiss army watch. This compass app shows location, position, and also the camera icon lets the user scan through the whole terrain. This app also allows to change the skin and colour of the dial, backgrounds, for different coordinates, and it also allows to share your location with google maps. The dial moves as per the user’s movement.


Download AndroiTS Compass Free

Digital Compass

It has a pure black background which makes this compass application highly liked by the users. The settings are very easy. This compass app is very simple and has sober look and feel. It has only little options to configure. Its interface is also very easy to follow. As the app is free, it contains many adds. But pro version of this app will take care of the adds. Free version doesn’t support map feature. It has a calibration option if your compass stuck anywhere. Pro version supports features such as latitude, longitude, full screen map, Magnetic strength and many more.


Download Digital Compass

Digital Field Compass

This compass gives an accurate reading. The User Interface is very simple but very accurate. It can take and store bearings. This digital field compass shows the headings in degrees. This app provides all the necessary information on the screen. There are 3 bearings that can be stored. 1) Triangle 2) Circle 3) Square.


Download Digital Field Compass

Final Words

So guys, these are some of the top compass apps for Android which you should try. If you have any suggestions regarding this post, then you can comment below. Let us know you thoughts, stay tuned at our website Latestmodapks for more cool apps like these, Peace out!

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