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Brain Out - A fun and educational puzzle game designed to test your IQ and creative thinking.

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Name Brain Out
Package Name com.mind.quiz.brain.out
Category Puzzle  
Version 2.8.5
Size 129.3 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated April 20, 2024

What is Brain Out?

Brain Out APK is a fun puzzle game for Android phones that challenges your mind with tricky questions and clever problems. It’s designed to test how well you think outside the box and find solutions in unexpected ways.

The puzzles start off easy but become harder as you progress. This game is great for those who enjoy brain teasers and want to exercise their thinking skills. Plus, you’ll have plenty of laughs when things don’t go as planned.

Features of Brain Out for Android

Brain Out is a fun and challenging puzzle game for Android users. It invites players to think outside the box with clever brain teasers and unexpected solutions. The app features a variety of puzzles that test your memory, logic, calculation skills, and creativity in unique ways.

  • Fun puzzles: Brain Out has many different and creative brain teasers.
  • Unexpected answers: The puzzle solutions are often surprising, not what you first think.
  • Easy-to-use controls: Tap, swipe or shake your phone to play.
  • Funny sound effects and music: Sounds in the game add fun while solving riddles.
  • Cartoon-style graphics: The app uses simple drawings that look like cartoons for a playful feel.
  • Hints available if stuck on level.

Pros and Cons of Brain Out:

Brain Out is a popular mobile game that challenges players with creative puzzles and brain teasers. It has gained attention for its unique approach to entertainingly testing problem-solving skills. While many find the app engaging and beneficial for sharpening their minds, others may encounter some drawbacks related to difficulty level or design elements.

In this discussion, we will explore both the positive and potential downsides of using Brain Out APK (the Android package file), providing insight into what users might expect when they download and play this intriguing game on their devices.

  • Fun puzzles: Brain Out has many interesting and challenging brain teasers.
  • Creative thinking: The game encourages you to think outside the box.
  • Easy controls: Simple touch actions make playing easy without complex instructions.
  • Suitable for all ages: Both kids and adults can enjoy solving these puzzles.
  • Good graphics and sound effects that make playing more enjoyable.

  • Too many ads: Players often see a lot of advertisements while playing.
  • Can be frustrating: Some puzzles may feel too hard, making players upset or annoyed.
  • Limited educational value: The game is more about fun than learning new things.
  • Not for all ages: Some content might not be good for young children.
  • Battery drain: Playing the game can use up a phone battery quickly.

FAQs Regarding Brain Out for Android.

Brain Out APK is a fun and challenging puzzle game that tests your thinking skills unexpectedly. It has many levels, each with unique questions or tasks that make you think outside the box to find solutions.

People often have questions about how to download it, if it’s free, what kind of puzzles are inside, and whether there are any tips for playing better. This introduction will help answer some common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) so players can enjoy Brain Out with more knowledge and ease.

Q: What is Brain Out APK?

A: Brain Out APK is a game for Android devices. It has many puzzles and brain teasers to solve.

Q: Is Brain Out free to download?

A: You can usually download it free from the Google Play Store or our websites.

Q: Can I play Brain Out on my iPhone, too?

A: Yes, a version of Brain Out is also available in the Apple App Store.

Q: Do I need the internet to play this game after downloading it?

A: No, most levels don’t need internet. However, some features might not work without a connection.


In conclusion, Brain Out APK is a fun and challenging puzzle game that creatively tests your thinking skills. It’s great for people of all ages who enjoy brain teasers and want to exercise their minds with something different from traditional puzzles. Whether you’re looking to kill time or give your brain a workout, Brain Out offers an enjoyable experience that can be both amusing and rewarding.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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